• So, at the next vote casting, they became enchanted by a new leader, Barry the Benevolent Dictocrat.

    FORBES: Barry's Fairyland at Foggy Bottom

  • London's bid for the Olympics played up the benevolent legacy that they would leave in their wake.

    ECONOMIST: The Olympics and charities

  • Inevitably the benevolent creatures inside are smarter, kinder, and wiser than the torch -bearing townspeople calling for their destruction.

    FORBES: Villagers Light Torches, Rush Mothership

  • As the great Venezuelan journalist Carlos Rangel observed, the myth of the benevolent guerrilla, like the legend of the noble savage, dies hard.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Now, confirm Secretary Reich

  • Science fiction is rife with intelligent, self-aware computers, from the benevolent "Mike" of Robert A. Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress to the murderous HAL 9000 in Arthur C.

    FORBES: The Human Computer

  • The social messaging platform has been doing a remarkably good job lately of casting itself as the benevolent, human-friendly alternative to scary, all-knowing, all-conquering colossi like Facebook and Google.

    FORBES: 'Do Not Track' Is a No-Brainer For Twitter

  • Galileo was happy enough to go on doing research under the generally benevolent umbrella of the Church if only it would let him.

    NEWYORKER: Moon Man

  • As an advocate of new drama and an opponent of censorship, Tynan ought to be remembered as one of the more benevolent dictators of English cultural taste after the second world war.

    ECONOMIST: Kenneth Tynan

  • Whenever I write about the lack of third-party HD-DVRs, I inevitably receive a slew of email gently pointing me to the HD TiVo, a device DirecTV (the aforementioned benevolent dictatorship) so kindly offers.

    ENGADGET: blogger-avatar

  • When the courage and convictions of one group of individuals converged with the humanity of two others, something special happened: Part of the foundation of the most benevolent nation in history was born.

    FORBES: One Person Can Make a Difference

  • If a free market illusion voluntarily agreed to from the bottom up is so desperately feared, then the protectors of the State-sanctioned illusion must not have the most benevolent of motives in store for us plebeians.

    FORBES: The Fiat Emperor Has No Clothes

  • These are the things every author craves most, and while the first two require the favor of a benevolent God, the third can be had by anyone with the ability to write a check — a pretty big one.

    FORBES: Here's How You Buy Your Way Onto The New York Times Bestsellers List

  • In part, this is because the Western powers have been more benevolent than the Russians were.

    ECONOMIST: War in Afghanistan

  • The Beijing regime claims an ancient stake in the land and insists the Uighurs have gained from its benevolent rule since the Communists took over in 1949, integrating the East Turkestan Republic into China.

    ECONOMIST: Speaking out for the Uighurs

  • In Central and Eastern Europe, where the concept of a benevolent state has yet to take hold after the fiasco of communism, corruption in business and public life is rife.

    ECONOMIST: Is Europe corrupt? | The

  • Then they can sign up for the full product coverage under Obamacare, taking advantage of the compassionate, benevolent, guaranteed issue and community rating.

    FORBES: Look Out Below, The Obamacare Chaos Is Coming

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