• See the tenement style bathroom, with the shower and toilet in two different rooms.

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  • Rents were cheap in the crumbling tenement blocks in Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte and, later, Friedrichshain.

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  • Close to the Bowery on 97 Orchard Street, the Tenement Museum of New York recreates the lives of emigrants struggling with urban squalor.

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  • Riis himself promoted the "model tenement": privately built apartments for the poor, constructed to higher standards made possible by investors' willingness to forgo normal profits.

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  • New York's Tenement House Museum now refers to its historic building, tellingly, not as slum housing but as an "urban log cabin"--a starting point for upward mobility.

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  • When, this summer, I heard on the news that some Africans had died because a fire had started in the stairway of their rundown tenement, I had an idea.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'The Elegance Of The Hedgehog'

  • And since there were one-family houses selling in Union for a Depression low of a few thousand dollars, he would be able to realize an ambition he had nurtured growing up penniless in a Newark tenement flat: to become an American homeowner.

    NPR: Roth Rewrites History with a 'Plot Against America'

  • It consisted of four stories about the residents of a tenement house at 55 Dropsie Avenue in the Bronx (Mr Eisner, the son of Jewish immigrants, grew up in the 1930s in just such a tenement, with dark bare stairways and interlacing washing lines).

    ECONOMIST: Obituary

  • In the opening pages, we learn how Sonia learned to administer the daily shots of insulin herself — imagine an eight-year old girl propping herself on the stool in a Bronx tenement to boil water for her syringe — because she had quickly gathered that she could not depend on anyone else to do it for her.

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