• Staff walked out at BT's Riverside Place building in Belfast and the telephone exchange in Enniskillen.

    BBC: BT workers go on strike

  • LLUs use equipment installed in a telephone exchange by a third party company, such as Orange, instead of BT.

    BBC: NEWS | Technology | Orange broadband hit by outages

  • The further a home is from the telephone exchange, the slower the speeds at which data can be transmitted to it.

    ECONOMIST: Video-on-demand

  • It is housed in a former telephone exchange, Hermes House, in the Castel, and was inaugurated as a museum in 1976.

    BBC: Guernsey's Telephone Museum prepares for final season

  • There are many factors that affect what speed customers will get, with the distance they live from the telephone exchange being the principal one.

    BBC: BT trialist

  • When there were telephone exchanges, the mind was like a telephone exchange, and, in the same period, since the nickelodeon reigned, moving pictures were making us dumb.

    NEWYORKER: The Information

  • The Almondsbury telephone exchange, which serves much of Bradley Stoke, failed to figure in BT Openreach's commercial rollout which promises to cover two thirds of the UK by 2014.

    BBC: Faster broadband for South Gloucestershire residents

  • His firm has also been chosen as the hub for what BT is claiming as a world first - a 10Gbps connection which is being tested between the Truro telephone exchange and his office.

    BBC: When will UK rural areas get fast-speed fibre internet?

  • Saudi police recorded the telephone exchange, says Anzour.

    NPR: Arab TV Show Dramatizes Lives of Suicide Bombers

  • Many rural communities are several miles from a telephone exchange - too far for high-speed broadband to work - while satellite connection for high-speed access is very expensive and carries the risk of added technical problems.

    BBC: High speed rural broadband hope

  • But even at three miles (5km) from the local telephone exchange, the speed of his broadband connection has inched up over the past few years from 65 kilobytes a second to more than 90 kilobytes a second as the local line has been tweaked and legacy equipment like echo-cancelling coils removed from its junction boxes.

    ECONOMIST: The faster the internet becomes, the slower it loads pages

  • Vanguard this year followed up on several investors' requests that it allow them to make telephone and online exchange orders for its 34 index funds--an industry first.

    FORBES: Boomers Leap Into Financial Safety Net

  • In Britain, for instance, deals struck over the telephone rather than through the exchange's computers must still be reported to the exchange and published, albeit with a delay for big trades.

    ECONOMIST: Stockmarkets

  • Periquet also likes Philippine Long Distance Telephone, listed on the New York Stock Exchange as an American Depositary Receipt.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • By moving from telephone dealing to automated computer trading, the exchange was seeking to cut costs for its customers.

    ECONOMIST: Price fixing

  • More than the telephone, however, the New York Stock Exchange gained its preeminence because it aggressively used its ticker tape to disseminate price information.

    FORBES: Why the world would be better off with one big stock market.

  • Four days later, Faneuil was interviewed over the telephone by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

    FORBES: Martha Trial: 'Everyone Is Telling The Same Story'

  • Further you may be faced with a pile of paper that will land on your mat, from the local authority in advance of a telephone adjudication with a solicitor (always the best choice rather than simply having the thing dealt with by exchange of correspondence, though you have the choice).

    BBC: Parking - Your Thoughts

  • Periquet also likes Philippine Long Distance Telephone (nyse: PHI - news - people ), listed on the New York Stock Exchange as an American Depositary Receipt.

    FORBES: Thrilla in Manila

  • Soon after Qwest Communications, the biggest local-telephone company in 14 states, joined the list of firms under investigation, it was revealed that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking into the sales practices of Bristol-Myers Squibb, a big drug company.

    ECONOMIST: Congress gets tough | The

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