• He had routed some proceeds through Bear accounts, but the firm--which just settled unrelated civil charges of clearing trades for a sleazy brokerage--says the individuals weren't its clients and hence it owed no duty.

    FORBES: The Informer

  • Due to the lack of backbone of successive governments this hasn't been done and hence the geographical disease area is now much of the west of England and Wales, so an effective cull would now have to be incredibly widespread.

    BBC: Viewpoints: The badger cull

  • Even though everyone considers her a presidential candidate, she doesn't trumpet the fact (hence her reluctance to join the debate).


  • For one thing, a restructuring earlier this year delayed repayment on its private sector debt by at least a decade, and much of what it owes other euro-zone countries doesn't fall due for many years hence.

    WSJ: Greece Backs Bailout

  • Hence those sectors aren't as nimble at reacting to economic changes.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • We've received official word from the good folks at Sprint that the Treo Pro wasn't supposed to be posted today, hence the unceremonious removal of every last trace of the thing within hours of its unveiling.

    ENGADGET: Sprint Treo Pro officially unavailable again -- for now

  • The Wii controller's resemblance to a TV remote sure hasn't been lost on us -- hence the affectionate "Wiimote" moniker that most people have assigned to the unique little controller -- but it doesn't look like it's been lost on Nintendo either.

    ENGADGET: Nintendo's Wiimote, like for your TV and stuff

  • If the risk is obvious, there's no need for a warning label--hence, steak knives don't have them.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • They're reluctant to invest--hence the cash reserves--because they don't know how much the government will take for its share.


  • "If two of our diplomats are sent packing unjustifiably, the Iranians shouldn't expect that their embassy in London should remain unscathed, and hence the retaliation, " he explained.

    CNN: Iran's attacks on UK tap into centuries of suspicion

  • Whether the market continues to believe in our credit-worthiness doesn't depend on whether we hike the Medicare age today for retirees decades hence.

    WSJ: Jenkins: Lost Decade, Revisited

  • Each T-shirt she saw was a specific small trampling of her fantasy, and hence, pleasure.

    BBC: News | NEWSNIGHT | Jonathan Franzen interview transcript

  • At the same time, the connection couldn't be so strong that the keyboard would be difficult to remove. (Hence the Moleskine comparison: the designers wanted a book-like cover that users could easily peel away.) Presented that way, it sounds like a compromise, but Microsoft seems pleased with the results.

    ENGADGET: Microsoft Surface: inside the three-year secret project to build the first great Windows tablet

  • As with religion, its claims are often non-falsifiable, hence the convenience of the term "climate change" when thermometers don't oblige the expected trend lines.

    WSJ: Stephens: The Great Global Warming Fizzle

  • Hence the brittle Portland Trail Blazers' center, Greg Oden, isn't spared, nor is underachiever Eddy Curry of the Knicks, whose lack of interest in conditioning has contributed to his injury problems the past two years.

    FORBES: The Talent

  • Hence his name entered the argot as an ironic appellation for anyone who thought he knew but didn't.


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