• Thus, in some sense, the Reporting Africa syllabus reflects the spirit of the UNESCO Model Curricula.


  • Recently, her name and her work for Iraq were reinstated in the nationwide school syllabus.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Gertrude Bell'

  • Civic education, taken off the school syllabus by the dictatorship, has been reintroduced only slowly.

    ECONOMIST: Chile

  • An online syllabus could reach many more students, and reduce tuition charges and eliminate room and board.

    NEWYORKER: Get Rich U.

  • Furthermore, the syllabus covers the history and development of adult literacy and the teaching and learning theories.

    UNESCO: Country Profile: Mauritius

  • He complains that continual assessment has narrowed the syllabus, and that children are not taught narrative history.

    ECONOMIST: Reform is mooted as exam grades seem to rise inexorably

  • He even compared Congress and their procrastination to his daughters and how they use their syllabus a day ahead and do their homework.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • The state-supported University of Chile, the country's largest, is trying to solve this by introducing an initial two-year syllabus common to all students.

    ECONOMIST: Chile: Dropping out | The

  • The four-course syllabus is a response to the need for an indigenised, highly contextualised teaching and learning materials on various aspects of reporting Africa.


  • And a clever redesign of the syllabus has made it easier to teach further maths over two years along with standard maths, thus boosting its popularity.

    ECONOMIST: The way to save minority subjects

  • The study will begin with an assessment of curricula from 195 countries, showing where and to what extent the Holocaust is established in the official school syllabus.


  • Not only has he digested the entire Ayn Rand syllabus of free market theory, but he's had the chance to put it to work from his headquarters on the plains north of Wichita.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Aiming to offer a wide-ranging syllabus, the programme focuses on six areas of education which complement each other, interact and expand into a broad spectrum of educational settings (classrooms, workshops, walks, outings, talks, etc.).

    UNESCO: Country Profile: Uruguay

  • The people at Greenstart, which runs a 3-month boot camp for green tech startups, believe they have figured out a good syllabus and outlind it, along with four new entrants for their program, on Tuesday.

    FORBES: A Guide To Building A Successful Green Tech Company

  • One result of the consultation meeting was that the proposal is divided in two parts: (1) the description of objectives and syllabus of the units, and (2) the cases, illustrations and resource materials which will be more diversified according to regions and culture.

    UNESCO: Social and Human Sciences

  • On the course syllabus, Prof.

    FORBES: Connect

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