• This bold new 10-year initiative on global environmental change research for sustainability was launched by an alliance of international partners from global science, research funding and UN bodies during the Forum.

    UNESCO: keeps momentum going for sustainability driven science after Rio+20 | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • What are partnerships or mechanisms of public-private funding for sustainability to support ESD research?

    UNESCO: Petits États insulaires en développement

  • Professor Paul Younger from the Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability at Newcastle University says the "fundamental problem is that it has a tendency to be strongly alkaline".

    BBC: How toxic is Hungary's red sludge?

  • Inaugurated in 1998, TERI University works at the cutting edge of global research on science for sustainability and runs an inter-disciplinary Masters programme in Climate Science and Policy.


  • Phase two will involve collaborating with a consortium of research universities called the Sustainability Index Consortium to work with suppliers, retailers, non-governmental agencies and government to develop a comprehensive, global database on the lifecycle of the products that Wal-Mart carries.

    FORBES: Can Behavioral Economics Jump-start Green Leadership?

  • Kate Sheppard writes about some CEPR research arguing for the environmental sustainability benefits of reducing aggregate hours worked.

    FORBES: What Environmental Benefits Of Working Shorter Hours?

  • Barbara Meredith, vice-president of professional and scholarly publishing at the Association of American Publishers, a trade group, has said that a demand for open access to research findings could undermine the sustainability of the publishing industry, and has promised to lobby vigorously against this happening.

    ECONOMIST: Scientific publishing

  • "Some companies are just starting to understand the benefits of having their employees understand the internal CSR field, " says Chris Coulter, president of Globescan, a research consultancy on reputation, brand sustainability and trends.

    CNN: Why everyone wants to work for the 'good guys'

  • The report was done in collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, sustainability consultancy firm Irbaris, and the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute.

    FORBES: A New Tool To Manage Companies' Growing Water Risks

  • The initiative will embody an inter- and trans-disciplinary approach to provide early warning signals of environmental risk and change, and stimulate new research to support the transition of societies towards sustainability.

    UNESCO: Biodiversity Initiative

  • The meeting brought together 55 ASPnet students and teachers from 4 countries (Andorra, Portugal, Spain and United States of America) to launch the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity with students and a teacher from each country presenting their research on topics including Evolution, Biodiversity and Sustainability, Sustainability of the Systems of Animal Production, Public Health and Fight Against Poverty and Protected Areas and Biodiversity Maintenance.

    UNESCO: Education

  • Inspired by a 2010 book on business and sustainability called The Blue Economy, Shih has also asked Hong to sponsor environmental research.

    FORBES: Feature

  • First my environmental life cycle assessment research with Stanford and NRDC exposed me to a bunch of great data sets, which quantify sustainability impacts for most products and services.

    FORBES: Startup CEO: Ian Monroe on Social Entrepreneurship, Startup Chile, and Building a Tech Team

  • Think about it: How many people who graduate with a degree in engineering, mathematics, technology or scientific research, work in the nonprofit sector or seek opportunities in human resources, strategy or operational sustainability?

    FORBES: Job Hunting in CSR: Why Science And Technology Graduates Should Consider A Career In Sustainability

  • What are ways and means through which UNESCO and UN partner institutions can strengthen and support national research agendas for the UNDESD, and propose innovative partnerships or mechanisms through public-private funding for sustainability?

    UNESCO: Petits États insulaires en développement

  • New research by professors at Villanova University and SUNY Albany finds that even financial markets are willing to punish for sustainability lapses.

    FORBES: No, Consumers Will Not Pay More for Green

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