• Nine miles is a long way to lug a surfboard on your back (plus camping equipment).

    FORBES: Paradise Lost

  • The typical surfboard is a slab of petroleum-spawned polyurethane slathered in layers of toxic polyester resin.

    FORBES: Surfing's Toxic Secret

  • The boys lived for a while in a surfboard factory run by their manager.

    NEWYORKER: We Are Alive

  • While we sit astride our Hummers a guy paddles up on the surfboard equivalent of a Tesla Roadster.

    FORBES: Surfing's Toxic Secret

  • If you can stay on your belly and hug that surfboard for 20 minutes, it usually calms down.

    CNN: I see a bad mood rising

  • Springsteen and his bandmates watched the flames on Springwood Avenue from a water tower near their surfboard-factory home.

    NEWYORKER: We Are Alive

  • We drove past the low-slung building that used to house the surfboard factory where Lopez lived with Springsteen.

    NEWYORKER: We Are Alive

  • My surfboard was quickly ripped out from underneath me, its leash yanking me into the wave's violent washing-machine wake.

    FORBES: Paradise Lost

  • On his first day on the water he set a goal to stand up on the surfboard three times.


  • Cox stumbled across the idea at his previous company, Green Foam Blanks, which makes surfboard blanks (the foam core of a surfboard) from recycled polyurethane waste.

    FORBES: Wipe Up

  • When I finally surfaced, I got hold of my surfboard and hastily bit the fishing line with my teeth, leaving my lure to the sea.

    FORBES: Paradise Lost

  • The label features a surfboard hanging out of a vintage convertible.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Where other writers were unable to surf those waves, Ebert enthusiastically jumped on the surfboard of change and got his message across to generations of readers.

    FORBES: 5 Things I Learned About The Movies From Roger Ebert

  • Souvenir shops tend to have shelves of Obama items, including a "dashboard doll" showing a bare-chested Obama carrying a surfboard and flashing Hawaii's trademark "shaka" sign.

    CNN: Retracing the footsteps of young Obama

  • Set the company's iPhone-sized speaker on a desk, coffee table or even a surfboard and it transfers sound waves into that material -- creating an on-the-fly subwoofer.

    CNN: Five nuggets before start of CES

  • To John Markus Lervik, a mobile phone is the Web's best surfboard, a device that can get you just the information you want, precisely when you want it.

    FORBES: The Finder

  • At a foot wide and 35 to 40 inches long, this "sidewalk surfer" is technically a longboard a skateboard variation that's more akin to a surfboard in look and ride.

    WSJ: More Skateboard, Less Falling Off

  • No one waxes a surfboard or bursts into song.

    FORBES: Can David Milch--and HBO's Luck--Overcome the Curse of Cop Rock?

  • We sat up and dropped our lures into the water, quickly finding out that keeping one's surfboard steady in a 10-foot swell while trying to fish a reef makes for a clumsy operation.

    FORBES: Paradise Lost

  • Each robot is composed of two halves: the upper part, shaped like a stunted surfboard, is attached by a cable to a lower part that sports a series of fins and a keel.

    BBC: PacX Wave Glide

  • The surfer, standing in the tube, or just in front of the break, slides down the wave like a skier, while the wave, and the buoyancy of the surfboard, bear him upwards and forwards.

    ECONOMIST: On the beach

  • If paddling out into the surf is too hairy for your liking, opt for paddleboard lessons instead, where you will be taken out to a creek and taught to stand up on an oversized surfboard, paddle in hand.

    BBC: In search of Australia��s real Gold Coast

  • These tiny and relatively cheap devices have revolutionised the filming of action sequences - you just clamp them to a bike, a car, or even a surfboard, press the button and hope you capture something exciting.

    BBC: Cameras to capture a road trip

  • Surfboard bags, also, are the first step.

    FORBES: What an Idea: Surfboard Bags from Billboards

  • It looks like a surfboard, only cooler.

    WSJ: A New Wave of Ocean Explorers | Marvels

  • The urgency of the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico led the Oil Cleanup Challenge to focus on mechanical cleanup technologies rather than absorbents (such as the recycled surfboard waste I wrote about in the current issue of Forbes) or chemical dispersants.

    FORBES: Wendy Schmidt's X Prize Oil Cleanup Challenge Names Winners

  • Liquid Robotics, the Silicon Valley startup that makes the surfboard-sized robot called a Wave Glider, announced Wednesday that Papa Mau arrived off the coast of Queensland, Australia, on Nov. 20 after surviving storms, sharks and 25-foot surf while its solar-powered sensor arrays collected terabytes of data on ocean and atmospheric conditions during the year-long journey.

    FORBES: Ocean Robot Completes Record-Setting 10,000 Mile Journey

  • After the tsunami Hawaii still attracts thousands of visitors daily: the huge Waikiki hotel and downtown Honolulu office infrastructure remains intact, and if one wanders down the main tourist drag of Kalakaua Avenue, the tourist throngs at the omnipresent Starbucks, MacDonalds, and surfboard rental shops reflect a calm, business-as-usual atmosphere, as if there never was such a terrible tragedy across the Pacific Ocean.

    FORBES: After the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami: Hawaii -- the New Mid-Pacific Business Hub

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