• France and Belgium may be able to stand behind Dexia but supporting entire banking systems is beyond the capacity of many sovereigns.

    ECONOMIST: Echoes of 2008

  • Travellers can play their part, too, by being aware of suspicious activity and supporting companies that have taken a stand against sex tourism and child exploitation.

    BBC: The darker side of tourism

  • We saw it in the campaign to get corporations to withdraw from the American Legislative Exchange Council, a pro-market organization of state legislators that found itself branded racist for supporting state voter-ID and stand-your-ground laws.

    WSJ: McGurn: The Chick-fil-A War Is Back On

  • We stand to gain much by supporting policies that unleash the power of entrepreneurs and developers.

    FORBES: To Regain Its Educational Lead, The U.S. Must Look To Entrepreneurs

  • Captain Dhoni played the supporting role during a sixth-wicket stand of 224 after left-hander Yuvraj Singh (68) had begun the rescue act by adding 125 for the fifth wicket with Dravid.

    BBC: Dravid steals Tendulkar limelight

  • The article demonstrates the serious risks from uninformed regulatory intrusion that the U.S. natural gas industry will continue to face until government regulators stand up and defend the science supporting this well studied process.

    FORBES: Don't Be Swayed By Faucets On Fire And Other Anti-Fracking Propaganda

  • Some politicians and analysts wonder whether the prosecutors were put up to it by opposition politicians who were appalled by Mr Horie's decision to stand (unsuccessfully as it turned out) on a reformist ticket supporting the prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi, in last September's elections for the Diet (parliament).

    ECONOMIST: Japan after livedoor

  • If Russian officials have concerns about the implementation of this agreement, we stand ready to work with them to improve it and remain committed to supporting inter-country adoptions between our two countries.

    CNN: Russia's lower house approves bill to ban U.S. adoption

  • Both scores were engineered by Humphreys, the first courtesy of a fine side-step that allowed the stand-off to release wing Nagusa, who combined well with Tuohy to send the supporting lock over.

    BBC: Ospreys 16-20 Ulster

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