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  • They circulated a statement to reporters who are traveling with the president, accusing Congressman Murtha of supporting the policies of filmmaker Michael Moore and being part of the extreme wing of the Democratic Party.

    NPR: Iraq Focus Persists as Bush Attends Asian Summit

  • Romney also accused Obama of supporting policies that undermine the nation's military preparedness.

    CNN: Campaign enters final stretch as Obama takes final debate

  • This week's attacks on London, following similar attacks on Madrid in 2004, have raised new questions in Europe about the consequences of supporting US policies in Iraq and in the war on terror.

    NPR: Evaluating the Attacks' Effects on U.S. Allies

  • Bunning called Bernanke a "moral hazard, " accusing him of supporting the "easy money policies of his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, " who made the cover of Time in February 1999, along with then-Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and his successor, Lawrence H.

    CNN: Time names Bernanke Person of the Year

  • The flirtation with the Republican Party by Smith, a lifelong Democrat -- if done honestly -- might have started a new conversation within black circles about the cost and wisdom of always supporting Democratic candidates and policies.

    CNN: Corruption case a blow to GOP diversity

  • We stand to gain much by supporting policies that unleash the power of entrepreneurs and developers.

    FORBES: To Regain Its Educational Lead, The U.S. Must Look To Entrepreneurs

  • The foundation, named after late entrepreneur Ewing Marion Kauffman, focuses on promoting the development of companies that supporting entrepreneur-friendly policies.

    FORBES: Stanford Accelerator StartX Receives $800,000 Grant From Kauffman Foundation

  • And I'm wondering what you think is going on, whether you guys haven't made your argument as well as you could, or what exactly the dynamic is that Americans, although still a majority supporting the President on some of these economic policies, seem to -- there seems to be something of an ebb.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Are you an activist involved in exposing the oppressive policies of foreign governments or supporting opposition movements against foreign governments?

    FORBES: Three Questions To Discover Your Cyber Risk Status

  • In 2006, Burk was among a group of Exxon shareholders who accused the company of violating its discrimination policies by supporting the golf tournament.

    CNN: Augusta National Golf Club admits first female members

  • According to Ageing in the Twenty-first Century: A Celebration and a Challenge, governments will need to adopt a wide range of policies and laws aimed at supporting the elderly and protecting them against discrimination.

    FORBES: Why We Need Innovation To Prepare For The Global Aging Society

  • But in the short run at least, the free-money policies of the Federal Reserve are supporting many blue-state economies.

    FORBES: Blue States Double Down On Suicide Strategy

  • These would be policies that have maximum chance of supporting demand now, while also improving our long-term supply, and reassuring the markets that you are still committed to cutting government spending.

    BBC: UK growth - anything to be done?

  • Directories are a key piece of infrastructure for supporting user management, establishing rules and policies for net resource use, and managing security certificates.

    CNN: Sun/Netscape Alliance brings directory ties

  • The new focus is less on supporting demand than on policies that increase the job-intensity of the recovery.

    ECONOMIST: The jobs summit

  • For too long, we've seen taxes used as a wedge to scare people into supporting policies that actually increased the burden on working people instead of helping them live their dreams.

    WHITEHOUSE: Real Tax Cuts Making a Real Difference

  • We need to create more policies and a cultural shift toward supporting the 57% of our graduates who are women so they can go out and produce the life that I enjoy.

    FORBES: Why the 'Retro Wife' Threatens America's Economy

  • Plus, while policies in the formal economy are relatively strong in terms of supporting families, those in the informal economy remain unprotected.

    CNN: Africa 'must think big for its children'

  • However, government has a legitimate and vital role to play in supporting an infrastructure encouraging of commerce, setting minimum standards for business conduct, incentivising desirable policies and practices, and penalising those who do not abide by societal norms.

    ECONOMIST: In the pink

  • On the Shepherds' side were Mr Brown, and a majority of Labour councillors for east Newcastle who were supporting a planning application which clearly breached existing council policies.

    ECONOMIST: Newcastle: The best laid plans | The

  • And so that's one of the reasons he's going to be out this week with speeches, supporting the policies, starting today at George Washington University, here in Washington, and also giving broader warnings about isolationism in the country, particularly on the heels of the upset over the ports deal with the Dubai Company.

    NPR: Bush Addresses War in Iraq with Speeches

  • Retooling demands a new CIO mandate: supporting and nurturing nascent and productive work innovations, some of which disrupt long-established IT culture and policies.

    FORBES: Fire Your CIO

  • The report stresses the importance of adopting policies that provide income security, access to quality health care, and a supporting legal environment for the elderly.

    FORBES: Why We Need Innovation To Prepare For The Global Aging Society

  • Supporting policies that are only superficially in my own interests right now would indulge just the kind of short-sightedness that our friends on the left criticize when they implore us to think of the children.

    FORBES: Of Tea and Taxes

  • Russia has achieved this success not by coddling its job creators or by adopting radically free-market and business-friendly policies, but by supporting consumer demand, encouraging consumption, and loosening credit within the confines of its (deeply flawed) preexisting economic structures.

    FORBES: Lessons for the United States from Russia's Job Creators

  • The temptation of governments to support protectionist trade policies at the behest of producer lobbies and at the expense of consumers is a classic example supporting Olson's theories.


  • His decision to engage with the aim of appeasing the Iranian regime while supporting the adoption of ineffective sanctions against Iran in the UN Security Council is also a natural progression from Bush's policies.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: An Obama foreign policy

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