• Your name tag is on the upper right hand side of your suit or dress.

    FORBES: Six Keys to Successful Networking for Entrepreneurs

  • Jazz up your basic suit or dress with a pop of color from a sharp tie or an accent pin.

    FORBES: Best Credit Cards For Job Seekers

  • He's dressed in a smart black suit and white dress shirt.


  • Giuliani wearing his signature dark suit, white dress shirt, and tie signed autographs, posed for pictures, and even knelt on the sidewalk to be photographed with a dog.

    NEWYORKER: Mayberry Man

  • Layering a solid turtleneck under a classic tweed suit or simple dress, as seen in Matthew Williamson, Milly and Max Azria's runway shows, is another great way to revive pieces that many consumers already have hanging in their closets.

    FORBES: Style

  • He was wearing a charcoal gray suit jacket, a purple dress shirt, and jeans.

    WSJ: Manny Pacquiao vs. the Vegan Timothy Bradley

  • How about a hot pair of cat-eye glasses, a Rat Pack-inspired suit, or a cocktail dress worthy of a femme fatale?

    BBC: Vintage Las Vegas

  • "All I need is a chair" de la Renta multitasks, one minute okaying a gorgeous tie-dyed crepe de chine with over-embroidery and sequins that will end up as a dress and a suit, choosing the pelts for a sable poncho the next.

    WSJ: Oscar de la Renta's Next Big Act

  • The true concept is that instead of wearing a suit, a professional could wear dress khakis and a tailored shirt.

    FORBES: 5 Acts of Denial that Can Ruin a Business

  • To this day Kinshasa's Sapeurs dress less conservatively than their suit-sporting Brazzaville brethren.

    CNN: Dedicated followers of fashion: Congo's designer dandies

  • For fall, she gets a black-and-oyster lame dress, a metallic tweed suit and a jet-black silk and wool gown with a beaded back, cutout bodice and mermaid hemline.

    WSJ: Friendships bubble up at NY Fashion Week

  • Buying something outrageously expensive, such as a cashmere suit from Bonpoint or a floral Baby Dior dress, might seem like a waste of money since it will be outgrown within a few months.

    WSJ: A Guide to the Best Baby Gifts

  • Cut to four years later and Batista, 41, is sitting in the lobby of the InterContinental Hotel in New York City looking through a presentation, in English, his dark hair combed back and wearing an expensive suit, a tightly knotted red tie and dress leather shoes.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Each day begins with well-established routines: He eats breakfast at the exact same time while catching up on the news and donning his uniform a tailored black suit with tapered pants, slim-fit white dress shirt and skinny black tie.

    WSJ: Brian Grazer

  • The show started with clothes in camel, black and gray but these immediately gave way to oversized leopard print sweaters, a short suit in traffic light red and a wispy blue dress with a cutaway hem that was paired with drainpipe trousers.

    FORBES: NYFW Fall '13 Day 4: Victoria Beckham, DKNY, Diane Von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger Women

  • People tithed in Mercury dimes and buffalo nickels, and pews filled with old men who wore ancient black suit coats over overalls, and young men in short-sleeved dress shirts and clip-on ties.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'The Prince of Frogtown'

  • It won't take much work to "convert" Ralph Lauren 's antique grey flannel three-piece suit, Oscar de la Renta's black double-faced wool dress or Tommy Hilfiger's high-waisted silk pants paired with a draped sweater into office attire.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • As for casual Fridays, Boehm suggests wearing a suit the first week of work so you can gauge how others in the office dress.

    FORBES: Wardrobe Essentials For The Young Professional

  • You can pick a turtleneck in a snappy color and just pair it with dress trousers for a casual look or go tone-on-tone with a suit and a turtleneck as they did at Calvin Klein and Salvatore Ferragamo for a more sophisticated style.

    FORBES: What The Stylish Men Are Wearing This Fall

  • In a London restaurant, a guy in a pinstripe suit said, so sorry for interrupting our roast lamb, but would the cartoon depiction of Obama in Muslim dress and Michelle in old-school Black Panther gear worry middle Americans even more than Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

    NPR: In Europe, A Fascination With Obama-McCain

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