• Does a bank offer a full range of services to all comers, or focus on a narrow stratum of services and customers?

    CNN: The Asiaweek Financial 500

  • They belong to a demographic stratum dubbed the "386" generation - in their 30s, went to university in the '80s, born in the '60s.

    CNN: Pains from the Past

  • If my children were in public school, they would spend their days in rooms with children all within a year of their own age, all from the same neighborhood and social stratum.

    FORBES: Leadership Takes Many Forms - Like A 13-Year-Old Lecturer In A Ski Cap

  • Creativity also depends upon the inter-face with ground realities and our persistent effort to know the different stratum of the virtual realties and its cause and effect in our life and at the palnet.

    FORBES: 10 Reasons Why We Struggle With Creativity

  • Under the former boss, Rahul Bajaj, the company was typical of a stratum of Indian entrepreneurs, known as the Bombay club, who wanted to keep foreign competition at bay with tariff walls and domestic mergers.

    ECONOMIST: A new breed of multinational company has emerged

  • "For too long, the police service has recruited the great majority of its officers from too narrow a stratum of society, and formal intellectual attainment has played too little a part in recruitment, " he says.

    BBC: What do bobbies learn on the beat?

  • Society being composed of social strata a family will find its children in competition with children from families in roughly the same social-economic stratum, with roughly the same total amount of family income to invest in children.

    FORBES: Demographic Decline and Investment Intensity in Children -- Observations on China and Japan

  • Written by the father of a corporal in the United States Marine Corps, a writer from a Volvo-driving, often elitist stratum of the Massachusetts North Shore, the essay deserves to be read over every table in America this Thanksgiving and carried thereafter in the hearts of every one of our countrymen.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Time to give thanks for American servicemen

  • She told him (and the rabbits that sometimes surreptitiously accompanied the riders) that people were becoming more and more unbalanced: studies had proved it, which led the psychiatrist to conjecture that perhaps mental instability was not so much a disease as a stratum of normality, just below the surface of normality as it was commonly conceived.

    NEWYORKER: The Insufferable Gaucho

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