• As Mrs Clinton gets to Monrovia, she should think long-term partner instead of strategic stooge.

    BBC: African view: Land of liberty?

  • Any separatist who stood for election risked looking like a stooge, which might have been India's hope.

    ECONOMIST: A terrible beginning | The

  • But too much overt support could harm Mrs Plavsic by making her look like a western stooge.

    ECONOMIST: A choice of devils

  • UN's Kyoto treaty on climate change, George Bush has been portrayed as a stooge for the energy industry.

    ECONOMIST: The environment

  • He said he knew importing drugs into England was illegal and that he was an "innocent stooge", the court was told.

    BBC: Hampshire & Isle of Wight

  • Some have even asserted that Chavez is nothing but a Castro stooge.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Chavez and the Iranian connection

  • Frank is no-one's stooge as anyone who knows him knows very well.

    BBC: I'm not backed by stooges, says Dobson

  • All of the above confirms Morales' undignified status as a "Chavez stooge".

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Latin American leaders at the UN

  • However, for the Arab media, Mr Chalabi was the epitome of an American stooge, a man who sold his soul to the devil.

    BBC: Profile: Ahmed Chalabi

  • "They are going to pick and choose, they are not going to be anybody's stooge, " said Roger Kay, president of tech-tracker Endpoint Technologies Associates.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • When their delegates failed to achieve much, the recriminations began: Mr Mogra has had to explain to Muslim audiences that he is not a Labour stooge.

    ECONOMIST: One year on

  • And to play Moe, the bossy ringleader of Stooge domination, there's Greek-born Chris Diamantopoulos with a bowl cut and Brooklyn accent ("Soitenly") that is Moe to the life.

    CNN: Review: 'The Three Stooges' is the Farrellys' labor of love

  • Pretty soon Pakistanis would be calling him a White House stooge, precisely what they dubbed Sharif after he ordered the army to quit Kargil at Bill Clinton's behest.

    CNN: Is This Man Starting to Enjoy Power?

  • Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto present themselves as victims of a Western conspiracy, and portray Mr Odinga as a stooge of the West and architect of their indictment.

    BBC: Q&A: Kenya��s 2013 elections

  • The only reason this prison was privatized is because John Kasich is a paid-for stooge of the Koch brothers and privatization of prisons is high on their agenda.

    FORBES: Capital Punishment: An Introduction To U.S. Prison Spending

  • The American pull-out will ease the pressure on the ruling family, and (if it really wants to) let it make political reforms without looking like an American stooge.

    ECONOMIST: America and the Gulf: Ciao, Saudi | The

  • During the MPs' questioning, Lord Patten, a former Cabinet minister and chairman of the Conservative party, rejected a suggestion by MPs that he would be seen as a "party stooge".

    BBC: Lord Patten's BBC Trust role approved by MPs

  • Thabo Mbeki, a former South African president mandated as mediator by SADC, reacted with a scathing letter, browbeating Mr Tsvangirai's lot for rejecting the ministry-sharing idea and accusing it of being a Western stooge.

    ECONOMIST: Zimbabwe asks for help as hundreds die from cholera

  • On April 27th even Igor Sergeyev, the defence minister, a doveish Yeltsin stooge in the eyes of many of Russia's military types, said that he was wondering whether to extend the life of Russia's elderly nuclear arsenal.

    ECONOMIST: Russia and Kosovo

  • But Bishop Belo was certainly nobody's stooge.

    ECONOMIST: East Timor

  • Even as she begged his party to rejoin the coalition, she poured scorn on him, poking fun at his abysmal popularity ratings. (One poll gave him 5%, against 22.5% for her.) Yet Ms Tymoshenko is no Russian stooge.

    ECONOMIST: Russia's western neighbours

  • The votes of the right and centre-right would be enough to pass the new reform, but one of Mr Monti's strengths is his cross-party backing and he will not want to be seen as a stooge of the conservatives.

    ECONOMIST: Italy��s reforms

  • It was crucial to the credibility of that office that its occupant should not be seen as a stooge - and the committee chair, Andrew Tyrie, seized the opportunity to demand not just a veto on their appointment, but on their dismissal, too.

    BBC: Committees seek power over key hiring and firings

  • For instance, in an interview with Gulf News last Thursday, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Issam el-Erian defended Hizbullah (and Iran) against his own government, claiming that Nasrallah and the Iranian ayatollahs are right to accuse President Hosni Mubarak of being little more than an Israeli stooge.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Iran��s Western enablers

  • Now MPs are trying to formalise their gains and set out an explicit system for approving them - both to probe their attitudes and priorities and to decide whether they are being offered a stooge, a place-person or a genuinely independent-minded figure, capable, if necessary, of saying "no" to ministers.

    BBC: Committees seek power over key hiring and firings

  • So Christian Maronite leaders, including their patriarch, have rallied to prevent the Druze leader anointing his own man as president, a post the constitution allots to one of their own, even though uneasy about the continuing rule of their co-religionist, President Emile Lahoud, who is seen as a stooge of his Syrian counterpart, Bashir Assad.

    ECONOMIST: Lebanon

  • Alarm was also spread by Mr Berlusconi's initial insistence on a general election as the only way out of the political deadlock, and by his naming of a perceived stooge, Angelino Alfano, the secretary of his People of Freedom (PdL) movement, as his likely successor: the man who, as justice minister, introduced a 2008 law, later ruled unconstitutional, that provided Mr Berlusconi with immunity from prosecution.

    ECONOMIST: The Italian crisis

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