• And the more that foreign and domestic critics attack her, the more many ordinary Germans are inclined to stick up for her.

    ECONOMIST: Germany’s government

  • The Florida Medical Association, which purports to represent doctors, refused to stick up for its members in the face of this government intrusion into the exam room.

    FORBES: Pediatricians And Family Docs Threaten To Sue If Rick Scott Signs Gun-Gag Bill

  • She is vague as to what she would do to improve it when it reaches the Senate, but she will doubtless stick up for farmers, truckers and oil-workers.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • Yet a number of what might be called realists at smaller Swiss private banks aren't convinced Swiss pols will stick up for the nation's bank secrecy and traditions this time.

    FORBES: End of an Era?

  • Now in a very mature U.S. market, Wal-Mart, while it remains the biggest and the toughest, is surrounded by competitors who can stick up for themselves, none more so than Kroger ( KR).

    FORBES: Can Kroger Beat Wal-Mart?

  • It turns out that the unit we were testing only had motion controls mapped for moving the camera up and down, and relied solely on the analog stick for changing the horizontal view.

    ENGADGET: blogger-avatar

  • Professional mediators can stick with a conflict for years, thus building up a level of trust and knowledge that cannot easily be replicated.

    ECONOMIST: Conflict resolution

  • With his term coming up in August of 1987, Volcker was still willing to stick around for another, but only if President Reagan publicly backed him.

    FORBES: Modern Fed History Points to Ben Bernanke's Resignation

  • The successful Japanese and European companies come up with a name for a model and then they pretty much stick with it even as the model evolves over the years.

    FORBES: Nameplate Engineering Is Bad Business

  • So, the best thing that could happen to Obama is to be snubbed by much of Wall Street, toughen up, and knowing the score, stick to his guns at a fairer deal for everyone.

    FORBES: Advised Obama Be More Like Teddy Roosevelt On October 29 - Forbes

  • Some materials, however, are easier to spin in this way than others, for if the molecules do not stick together, the liquid stream will break up.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • Mr Ahtisaari's commission calls for carping European politicians to shut up, more or less, and stick to EU promises to judge Turkey's membership application purely in terms of compliance with EU rules and values.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Some two million people worldwide have signed up for Coursera offerings in the past year, though only a fraction of them stick around to finish all the required coursework.

    FORBES: Online Ed Gets An Honesty Test, Via New Coursera Initiative

  • Certainly, Republicans and Democrats disagree vociferously about the manner in which we should cut Medicare. (They also play up their differences on the issue in an effort to stick each other with the political blame for Medicare cuts.) But there is a remarkable level of bipartisan agreement on the need to cut Medicare somehow.

    FORBES: On Medicare, the American Public Is Dangerously Out of Touch with Reality

  • "I'd just pick up, " says my caddy-for-the-day, Jacob Richards, a stick-thin 16-year-old with designs on one day playing on the Tour.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Columbo advises "to stick with what's working, " and for now, large-cap value stocks have held up in 2005, despite the market's sharp pullback in the month of April.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The destination you choose to start with is up to you and depends on the types of tools you enjoy using and feel like you can stick with for the long-term.

    FORBES: Reputation And Brand, Meet Social Media

  • Stick close for more, it's gonna be a busy day -- and feel free to hit us up with your late breaking rumors in comments!

    ENGADGET: Last minute Apple rumors roundup

  • Now the debt will stick around for much longer and today's new mortgage borrowers will no longer benefit from a rapid build-up in housing equity.

    ECONOMIST: Housing

  • Though clients at big wirehouse firms tend to stick with major names when shopping around for financial advice LPL has been successful in recruiting the wirehouse advisors who end up bringing much of their assets with them.

    FORBES: Net Income Surges At LPL Financial On New Assets, Brokers

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