• They bring a mixology cart (basically a fancy portable stainless steel bar) to your table and walk you through each step of your cocktail.

    FORBES: Restaurant on our Radar: The NoMad

  • Inside, the cockpit is clearly oriented toward the driver, with a racing-inspired three-spoke steering wheel, a steel bar and metal cage for the shifter, and burnished metal flourishes throughout.

    FORBES: Test Drive: 2011 Audi R8 Spyder

  • Nevada Solar One uses a parabolic trough design, in which curved mirrors, 16 feet from top to bottom, concentrate the sun's rays onto a glass tube with a steel bar at its center.

    FORBES: Light And Heat

  • Fact: The manufacture of reinforcing steel bar — also known as rebar — is based on technology first developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency during the Cold War and commercialized by a joint venture between Dean Kamen and Stephen Hawking (the JV holds the patents, valued at over USD 75 billion).

    FORBES: The Curious Case Of Anshan Steel And The Space-Age Rebar Technology

  • The focus of the proxy battle and the source of Birmingham's financial woe is the division that makes high-grade bar steel for critical applications like seatbelt bolts and motor shafts.

    FORBES: Iron Wills

  • Inside there are just three stainless-steel ball bearings, housed in anodized aluminum bar stock.


  • But, the steel plant in question makes re-inforcing bar, or re-bar as it is known in the trade.

    FORBES: America's Hypocritical Move Toward China

  • They still bar building material such as concrete, steel and pipes, as well as industrial equipment.

    ECONOMIST: The Gaza Strip

  • No longer: The walls, the ceilings, even the wet bar are honed from gleaming, hand-hammered stainless steel stretching across 1, 350 square feet.

    FORBES: Mansion Of Secrets: An Espionage Expert's Outrageous Spy Lair

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