• On Jan. 30, in my "Seven Point Position on Relations with China, " we indicated that if the DPP became the ruling party of Taiwan, we would not propose to put President Lee Teng-hui's description of "special state-to-state relations" into the Constitution.

    CNN: 'We Don't Want War'

  • "We propose to Montenegro to redefine its relations with Serbia - to reform the existing state instead of making two new ones, " he said.

    BBC: Serb Government breaks with past

  • Professional men, merchants, lawyers, scientists and revolutionaries all sought to wrest the business of inter-state relations away from monarchs, despots, generals and a diplomatic corps heaving with aristocrats, and onto a more rational, technocratic footing.

    ECONOMIST: How world institutions were built

  • What will be the status of nations, for example Syria, whose support for such movements has caused them to be listed as state-sponsors of terrorism and denied certain benefits of relations with the United States?

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center for Security Policy | ��The Triumph Of Hope Over Experience��: Israeli Weariness Begets Strategic Peril

  • During his two and a half years running Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) on the northern coast of KwaZulu Natal, Mr Dlamini has done much to improve tense relations with the government and the state-owned rail company that brings coal to the terminal.

    ECONOMIST: Face value

  • It also cited unidentified analysts as saying that the four state-owned banks had decided to skip the meetings "because bilateral relations between China and Japan have become strained".

    BBC: China's central bank governor to skip key meeting in Japan

  • She also stated that the US intends to actively pursue better relations with Iran's Arab satellite-state, Syria.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Bush's parting lesson

  • Media inquiries should be directed to the Department of State Office of Press Relations at (202) 647-2492.

    WHITEHOUSE: President's Schedule

  • The Associated Press, citing diplomats, said Gambari was taken on a government-sponsored trip to attend a seminar in the far northern Shan state on EU relations with Southeast Asia, instead of meeting with junta leader Senior Gen.

    CNN: U.N. talks with Myanmar's junta leader delayed

  • Turkey's relations with EU member-state Cyprus are one obstacle, along with opposition to Turkish membership within other EU states, correspondents say.

    BBC: Serbia recommended for EU candidate status

  • "We intend to use the renewal of talks to reaffirm both sides' commitment to safe, legal and orderly migration, to review recent trends in illegal Cuban migration to the United States, and to improve operational relations with Cuba on migration issues, " State Department spokeswoman Heide Bronke-Fulton told CNN.

    CNN: U.S. offers to renew talks with Cuba on immigration

  • He was a point man on relations with big business and some major state-owned companies, and on efforts to boost economic growth.

    WSJ: Share Deals Open Window on Kremlin

  • Eni now not only faces the prospect of ceding part of its 18.5% stake in the project to the Kazakh government, through the state-controlled Kazmunaigaz, there's the chance of a breakdown in relations with its fellow group members and the loss of its coveted position as operational leader.

    FORBES: Kazakhstan Not Doing Eni Good

  • "Serbia is an abnormal state and we don't want to 'normalise' our relations, " Self-Determination leader Albin Kurti told the AFP news agency.

    BBC: Clashes in Kosovo over launch of Serbia dialogue

  • There have been mounting calls in Europe to suspend a planned upgrade in relations with Israel until its new cabinet publicly expresses support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    BBC: Italy urges better EU-Israel ties

  • After the Six-Day war in June, the then secretary of state, Dean Rusk, persuaded the administration to upgrade relations with the colonels' regime as it had been so helpful to America's efforts to support Israel.

    ECONOMIST: Heirs of Pericles

  • There is a natural tendency at such moments to look forward and try to work out what events in New York might mean for the future of the two-state solution and relations between Israelis and Palestinians in general.

    BBC: UN vote gives Palestinians new diplomatic powers

  • "If the Alawis are afraid and fall back on their heartland, there too you're going to have a situation where a new central government in Damascus will have to wrestle with a state that is not strongly unified, " Young told the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations.

    CNN: What does Iran get for supporting al-Assad?

  • To minimize the chances that an alternative view might emerge in the Defense Department concerning the direction East-West economic relations should take, the State Department has assigned no fewer than three of its employees to staff the Secretary of Defense on these matters.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Bring Glasnost To The US Government: Unmuzzle Bob Gates

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