• The male displays to attract a female mate by strutting with his tails spread and head held low, while making a rhythmic bubbling call that is interspersed with a sound like a sneeze.

    BBC: Survey shows black grouse increase at Cumbrian reserve

  • Nine hundred million of these zinc oxide crystals could be spread across the head of a pin in a single layer.

    FORBES: The Science of Small

  • "Malaria and dengue fever are two of the mosquito-borne diseases most likely to spread dramatically as global temperatures head upward, " said the Harvard Medical School's Paul Epstein in Scientific American in 2000, in a warning typical of many.

    WSJ: The Benefits of Scientific Rivalry | Mind & Matter

  • And in a video that spread virally across the Internet, the head of a Tennessee gun training and accessory company warned "all you patriots" to "get ready to fight" if the Obama administration took steps to restrict firearms.

    CNN: Obama-backed gun bills considered a long shot in Congress

  • Foreign banks have a far wider spread of risk, and can call on head office to help if need be.

    ECONOMIST: Shipbuilding

  • During the trial the court head that Taylor had tried "to spread around" the idea his wife was "in some way, losing her mind".

    BBC: Alethea Taylor's husband found guilty of her murder

  • Gael Clichy crossed from the left for Van Persie to head against the crossbar and Baggies goalkeeper Scott Carson spread himself well to repel Ramsey's close-range follow-up.

    BBC: West Brom 2-2 Arsenal

  • Corporate Executive Board, for one, signs annual contracts with job sites, but overall, the firm tends to spread its resources among many sites, says Eric Coffey, head of corporate recruiting.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • When Mr Monti took office as head of a technocratic government in November 2011, the spread had stood at 5.74 percentage points.

    BBC: Mario Monti in Venice, 29 December 2012

  • As the afternoon heats up, head to one of the world-class arcades that are spread throughout the length and breadth of the city, and are the beating heart of Qatari life.

    BBC: A shopaholic's guide to Doha

  • Obviously an eyelid-like shutter mechanism would be too large and complicated for something as small as a print head, so an electrical field is applied instead to keep the film spread thin.

    ENGADGET: Alt-week 7.28.12: social mathematics, Pluto's moons and humans-on-a-chip

  • In the late 1990s Jared Diamond and David Landes tackled head-on the most vexing questions: why did Europe discover modern economic growth and why is its spread so limited?

    ECONOMIST: Creating economic wealth

  • Stories of derelict controllers keep piling up, even as the head of the FAA and the leader of the controllers' union started a cross-country tour to spread the gospel of professionalism to the rank and file.


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