• By next year Honeywell will develop a one-megabit MRAM chip specially made for military satellites.

    FORBES: Total Recall

  • Then they surprised their coach with a specially made gift to help him commemorate the occasion.

    NPR: North Carolina Tops Villanova 78-71 In NCAAs

  • Opening her bedroom door a crack, she saw a shadow and fired her specially made shotgun into the hallway.

    FORBES: The Stranger Case of Oscar Pistorius

  • Well, maybe less so from the UK. Plenty of scarves and other paraphernalia specially made for this cup tie.

    BBC: Countdown to AC Milan v Man Utd

  • Tom Quigley, an IRS public-affairs officer, showed up at the Manhattan office with an IRS flag he had specially made for the occasion.

    CNN: We Work For You!

  • They're then served in paper cones with a handful of specially made dips like smoked mussel mayo and chopped egg and caper mayo.

    CNN: Best French fries in the U.S.

  • By next year Honeywell (nyse: HON - news - people ) will develop a one-megabit MRAM chip specially made for military satellites.

    FORBES: Total Recall

  • Apollo 15 astronaut Dave Scott took a specially made Bulova stopwatch with him to the moon while inside the Command Module Endeavor and the Lunar Module Falcon.

    FORBES: Apollo 15 Bulova Moon Watch Up for Auction at Bonhams

  • But its graphics components are specially made graphics chips from Nvidia (nasdaq: NVDA - news - people ), not the usual graphics chips you'll find in a PC.

    FORBES: Xbox Success? Not So Fast

  • Alternatively they could go to someone like Mr Zygmuntowicz, Mr Greiner or another well-established modern violin-maker and get a beautifully hand-crafted instrument specially made for them at a price they can afford.

    ECONOMIST: Violin-making

  • The problem NCsoft faced is that most games in Japan, America and Europe are played on specially made consoles, such as Nintendo's GameBoy or Sony's PlayStation2, which is already enabled to play online.

    ECONOMIST: Computer games

  • Guardiola showed a specially made film to his players in their dressing room 10 minutes before the final in Rome, which Barcelona won 2-0 to dash United's hopes of becoming the first team to defend a Champions League title.

    BBC: Barca inspired by Guardiola film

  • And now the two brothers ride a specially-made tandem bike, with Deven leading the way.

    WHITEHOUSE: Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride

  • Stcherbina, now wearing a specially-made neck, chest and head support, will continue his recovery in Bristol.

    BBC: Injured Stcherbina to return home

  • Specially-made episodes of his adventures have recently become a success in the United States, gaining more viewers than home-grown favourite Sesame Street.

    BBC: Noddy in virtual toyland

  • Firing a mixture of balls from a specially-made bowling machine he found the white balls deviated from a straight path much more than the red ones.

    BBC: Does the white ball behave differently?

  • MPs who have collected names on a petition can put it in a specially-made sack on the back of the Speaker's chair, ready for it to be considered by the government.


  • The specially-made Zil took six years to complete.

    BBC: Quiz of the week's news

  • Benedict XVI will also give up wearing his specially-made red leather loafers, instead wearing brown shoes hand made for him by a Mexican craftsman during a brief visit to Mexico last year, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said on Tuesday.

    BBC: Benedict XVI to be known as 'pope emeritus'

  • Surprisingly, Harb says he is more excited about the modestly porportioned i3 than he is about the i8, which looks like it was made specially for Tony Stark.

    FORBES: World Debut: BMW i3 Electric Car

  • The mints and snuff are made with specially cured tobacco that contains fewer so-called tobacco-specific nitrosamines powerful carcinogens formed from nicotine and other alkaloids during tobacco fermentation than regular cigarettes.

    FORBES: Blowing smoke

  • There is a huge market waiting to be tapped in the emerging economies if consumer behavior and needs are well understood and if specially designed products can be made available for them.

    FORBES: Why a new 'avatar' of innovation is necessary in emerging economies

  • The Autobahnpolizei drive specially outfitted police cars and motorcycles made by BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi, some of which are unmarked, allowing them to patrol undercover for reckless drivers.

    BBC: Roads without limits

  • The cells that make the structures that hold tissues together are injected into a "bioreactor, " really a specially designed plastic box filled with netting made of suture material.

    FORBES: Advanced Tissue Sciences Founder Wins Inventor Award

  • The film specially produced by Laser for the fair is made up of footage from a series of focus groups of art experts discussing what the official look of The Armory Show should be.

    FORBES: The Armory Show "Actually Makes Me Feel Really Gross"

  • His massive support apparatus, which includes thousands of servants, bodyguards, and chefs, comes replete with a harem -- known as the "satisfaction corps" -- made up of dozens of women who have been specially trained to administer to the needs of Kim.


  • Although nothing was confirmed, Cingular made it sound as though users might be able to expect a specially bundled data plan for the iPhone.

    ENGADGET: Cingular scheduled to rebrand as AT&T by iPhone launch

  • The lunge for power was made even more explicit by the transfer of the governor's powers to a specially appointed adviser to the prime minister on Sindh's affairs.

    ECONOMIST: Who really runs Pakistan?

  • So far, the company has built a one-eighth-size prototype to test its design, which consists of a carbon-fibre keel, an envelope made from modern composite materials, half-a-dozen engines, a passenger compartment, and a specially lightened crane.

    ECONOMIST: Pushing the envelope

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