• "Rathlin is a Special Area of Conservation, (SAC) and a Special Protection Area (SPA) and the RSPB would like the UK government not to license oil and gas exploration in these areas, as they are too important for wildlife, " he said.

    BBC: Irish oil rig, Barryroe

  • Second, a special provision Congress adopted (as a budget gimmick) allows those who convert in 2010 (and 2010 only) a special option: they can either recognize all their income from the conversion on their 2010 tax returns or spread that income over the 2011 and 2012 tax years.

    FORBES: Obama Tax Deal Would Sweeten Roth Conversions

  • Most small business owners that start a 401(k) plan opt for a special design called a Safe Harbor 401(k).

    FORBES: Why this is the year to start your small business 401(k) before the September deadline

  • The RSPB has also voiced concerns about any potential oil extraction around Rathlin Island, off County Antrim, a Special Area of Conservation and a Special Protection Area (SPA), which it argues is too important for wildlife to allow that to happen.

    BBC: Ireland 'close to oil billions'

  • In each case, the Special Master (a judge) ruled definitively against the parents.

    FORBES: Vaccine Court Ruling: Thimerosal Does Not Cause Autism

  • In it, he uses eye drops made of a special riboflavin (a type of vitamin B) formulation and a very weak ultraviolet light to strengthen the collagen fibers in the eye.

    FORBES: A New Hope for Those With Down Syndrome...And a Rare Eye Disease

  • Did I mention that I have five children (one of whom has special needs), a dog, a husband (who also recently launched a new business), and lots of bills to pay?

    FORBES: Keeping Your Entrepreneurial Cool: Tips for Managing Chaos

  • Flintoff and Neil Fairbrother (23) added 96 for the fourth wicket, followed by a useful 42 from Australian all-rounder Joe Scuderi, who has been granted a special English Cricket Board (ECB) registration as a non-overseas player because he holds an Italian passport.

    BBC: Lancs slump against Derbyshire

  • The dunes surrounding Talacre Beach are a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest(SSSI) and act as a haven for wildlife including Natterjack toads.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Wales | North East Wales | Beach faces tide and untidyness

  • Republicans took control of the Virginia Assembly (giving them control over both houses of the Legislature), won a special election in a GOP open seat in the Washington State House (to return the body to deadlock), and won the Erie County (New York) executive's race.

    CNN: Analysis: Lessons from Election 1999

  • Some people benefit from a special mouthpiece or a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine that keeps the airway open and prevents long pauses in breathing during sleep.

    CNN: How can someone stop or reduce snoring?

  • My platoon of 15 SEALs would be augmented by a SEAL mobility platoon that would insert desert patrol vehicles (DPVs) and secure the perimeter and a platoon of Polish GROM (elite Polish special operations soldiers) that would clear buildings surrounding the power plant.

    FORBES: From the Battlefield to the Boardroom: A Navy SEAL's Guide to Business Leadership Success (Part 3 of 3)

  • Their requests range from the quotidian (extra padding, special sizes) to the more outlandish (red-soled booties for a baby, high heels for a man).

    NEWYORKER: Sole Mate

  • London Met had a special status as a "Highly Trusted Sponsor" (HTS).

    BBC: Analysis: London Met's foreign students

  • Later the car was modified to accommodate a Simpson Special land-speed record engine (no. 1522), a motor that had won ten records at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

    FORBES: Vehicles Feature

  • But in the run up to Friday night, a sister program (DIY SOS) was airing a charity special, and throughout the show asking people to text a donation.

    FORBES: Children in Need Points to a Public Ready for Mobile Payments

  • Securitization involves pooling assets or rights to cash flows, bundling together those assets with similar characteristics, and creating a financial instrument that can be traded (often through a special purpose vehicle, or SPV).

    FORBES: Securitizing Your Health With ACOs

  • Thus a gold manufacturer (a miner or refiner or minter) occupied a special place in the economy.

    FORBES: To Fund The Federal Government We Don't Need Federal Taxation

  • The first feature film to be made in Imax 3-D has to be watched through a special headset (satisfyingly chunky) and lasts forty minutes (gratifyingly short).

    NEWYORKER: Wings of Courage

  • Now Goldman intends to set up a special purpose vehicle (SPV) so its high-net-worth clients can skirt IPO laws and get their money in before Facebook goes public.

    FORBES: Wondering What Facebook Is Really Worth

  • Mr Zhou suggests that the dollar's reserve status should be transferred to the SDR (Special Drawing Rights), a synthetic currency created by the IMF, whose value is determined as a weighted average of the dollar, euro, yen and pound.

    ECONOMIST: China suggests an end to the dollar era

  • As a child she was both a stay-at-home-mom (until my three siblings and I were all in school) and a working mom (an over-committed special education teacher).

    FORBES: All Moms Have Messy Houses And Other Survey Findings

  • With a whimsically eclectic technique (including musical sequences and special effects), she sets in motion a flashy yet complex superstructure of personal life that rests on a solid, implicit base of quasi-divine technological power and sociopolitical openness and energy.

    NEWYORKER: Declaration of War

  • Other newcomers who chalked up major losses in recent years include Texas Republican Mike Conaway (who lost a special-election primary for a House seat to now-Rep. Randy Neugebauer), Jindal (who was the Republican nominee for Louisiana governor in 2003), Schwartz (who lost a Democratic primary for Senate in Pennsylvania) and Schwarz (who lost a Republican primary for governor in Michigan).

    ECONOMIST: The New Congress

  • You can't make a blatant play for special-interest groups (and that includes women) and wind up with a united country, even if you win.

    CNN: Borger: Candidates of 'change' stick to politics as usual

  • You'll be able to watch a live special on your favorite rock group (or string quartet), download its CD for a fee, find out when and where it's performing next, zero in on a seating plan and buy a ticket.

    FORBES: The Convergence Gamble

  • Syria was working closely with Saudi Arabia, the regional patron of Mr Hariri and his Sunni community, to find a formula to defuse tensions in advance of indictments which the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) is expected to issue within a matter of days, naming some Hezbollah members in connection with the murder of Lebanese former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005.

    BBC: Lebanon heads for lengthy political deadlock

  • Instead of making a special trip to the store (possibly requiring childcare) and staying up late baking, she uses an app to keep a long day from being even longer.

    FORBES: eBay Now And Same Day Delivery, Ready Or Not

  • The reason for this is believed to be to stop cancer in its tracks by preventing tumour cells from dividing more than a certain number of times. (Successful cancers often have a special enzyme that repairs telomeres.) The cost is that, eventually, even healthy tissue cannot renew itself.

    ECONOMIST: Ageing

  • It may be designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) or Special Protected Area (SPA).

    UNESCO: Apply to become a Biosphere Reserve

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