• Everyone hates getting spam mail and no wants to have their e-mail accounts hacked.

    FORBES: Can Microsoft's New Alternative To Hotmail Take On Gmail?

  • Bounce Spam Mail: Fool spam mailers by sending a fake bounce message back to them.

    CNN: Top 10 hot Internet tools

  • Its Digital Crimes Unit carried out the operation to tackle the bonnet, which is estimated to have infected approximately one million computers and is capable of sending billions of spam mail every day.

    FORBES: Morning Tech Wrap: iPad 2, Japan, Microsoft

  • The e-mail security firm Postini confirms that the flow of spam e-mail that it tracks and blocks--between six and eight billion messages a week--hasn't decreased since Soloway's arrest.

    FORBES: The Spam Bust That Wasn't

  • William Leichter of the e-mail security firm Tumbleweed Communications confirms that the arrest of Robert Soloway failed to control spam e-mail levels for more than a few days.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Over the past year, the volume of spam e-mail from Web-based mail services like Gmail, Yahoo!

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Officials said they were attempting to identify the people behind the spam e-mail schemes.

    BBC: Last Updated: Friday, 9 March 2007, 11:00 GMT

  • Stock-scam Web sites can reach millions instantly via spam E-mail and banner advertising at little or no cost.

    FORBES: Streetwalker: An optimist on the sidelines

  • In 2004, Bill Gates claimed that it would take two years to solve the problem of spam e-mail.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The officials who busted this ring, which used e-mail spam to sell drugs, say the Bansals are only the beginning.

    FORBES: Bad Medicine

  • Please note it is possible that you may receive SPAM e-mail messages.

    FORBES: Most Read on

  • Like e-mail spam with a spoofed identity, the Related Post shows up in a newsfeed right under the user's name and picture.

    CNN: Why I'm quitting Facebook

  • This jars with the nine-year prison sentence recently handed down to Jeremy Jaynes, convicted in Virginia of sending vast amounts of spam e-mail through AOL's servers.

    BBC: NEWS | Technology | Data safety at top of the agenda

  • At the very least a large number of users are going to start receiving new spam e-mail, having had their e-mail address leaked across the Internet.

    FORBES: The Real Lessons Of Gawker's Security Mess

  • These "zombies" are turned to a variety of malicious purposes, ranging from participating in denial of service attacks on Web sites to generating huge batches of spam e-mail.

    FORBES: Ten Must-Read Tech Stories

  • The shares are trading at 3 cents, and the spam e-mail says it expects them to go to over 20 cents based on some vague and confusing "information" included in the e-mail.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Following a weekend e-mail spam campaign proclaiming "huge news expected out on APPM, get in before the wire", trading on the following Monday reached 484, 568 shares, pushing the stock to more than 19 cents a share.

    BBC: Last Updated: Friday, 9 March 2007, 11:00 GMT

  • Sick of spam e-mail clogging your mailbox?

    CNN: ASIANOW - Asiaweek | Technology | Pulse

  • Far more common--but still damaging--are the high-volume crime spikes, spam e-mail distribution and "phishing, " a pernicious technique for stealing credit-card information. (For more on online scams, check out "Where The Scammers Are".) The carnage is hard to pin down in dollar terms, but Marcus Ranum, chief security officer of Tenable Security, says it's "billions upon billions"--far more than all "major" hacking incidents combined.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • While free Web services produced just 6% of the Internet's pill-hawking and scam-pitching e-mail a year ago, automated spam programs exploiting Web e-mail services now produce more than 12% of digital junk mail, with Microsoft's Webmail services alone accounting for around 4%.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The prevalence of junk mail and spam has certainly made weeding out noise more difficult over the last decade.

    FORBES: Ignore Your Mail And Lose Thousands of Dollars

  • Corporations and Internet service providers (ISP) spend tens of millions of dollars a year trying to keep their networks clear of unsolicited e-mail (spam).

    FORBES: Spam Warfare

  • By one estimate, up to 30% of all e-mail is spam.

    FORBES: Spam Warfare

  • Rather than spreading spam through e-mail, criminals are now turning to social networks where they can launch sophisticated attacks against users that appear to come from trusted friends and family.

    FORBES: Facebook, Twitter Spam Stopped by Start-Up

  • Non-profit Spamhaus maintains what are known as "block lists" which many organisations use to spot sources of spam and other junk mail to stop them clogging mail servers and inboxes with unwanted messages.

    BBC: Dutchman arrested over huge web attack

  • MessageLabs, the email-filtering company that Symantec acquired in 2008, posted a set of word maps today measuring the frequency of terms in spam emails from a random one-week sampling of junk mail pulled from the most prolific spam-spewing botnets.

    FORBES: The Most Common Words In Spam Email

  • On Monday, users of the forums had begun complaining about receiving a flood of spam in their e-mail.

    CNN: Dropbox investigating possible security breach

  • By 2004, it's estimated that 80% of all e-mail will be spam.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Corporations and Internet service providers spend tens of millions of dollars a year trying to keep their networks clear of unsolicited e-mail, or spam.

    FORBES: Spam Warfare

  • Just as with America Online (AOL), users pay a monthly fee to use MSN 8 that includes spam filters, e-mail managing software, and other tools.

    BBC: Microsoft and BT ally on broadband

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