• Waiters could offer only fruit juice or soda water with food, unless customers specifically asked for something stronger.

    ECONOMIST: Religion and advertising

  • Whether its computers, drugs, even farm equipment or soda water, your revenue line gets squeezed 3% or 4% by the dollar exchange rate.

    FORBES: If youre not xenophobic, you should be

  • Mr Gribbin's prose is confident, and his amusing asides include an explanation of the origins of soda water and the observation that the length of a French nobleman's title was, by and large, inversely proportional to his social standing.

    ECONOMIST: History of science: Time's arrow | The

  • But in the short term the only bright spots were America and in France, where a campaign to promote cognac as a long drink (with tonic, which is not, unlike soda water or ginger ale, really a natural accompaniment) raised sales for the second year running.

    ECONOMIST: Spirits

  • Now the trains are going back west empty, but he hopes to fill them with beer, soda, water and paper, all of which already go west-to-east.

    FORBES: Join The Cold Train

  • The recipe is the same for all makers, utilizing flour, sugar, water and baking soda - plus the obligatory spices.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • Add the Starbucks commitment to success and I look forward to having a healthy juice alternative to coffee and tea, let alone soda, energy drinks, premium water and more.

    FORBES: Can Starbucks Do For Juice What It Did For Coffee?

  • These use an electrical process to transform salt and water into chlorine and caustic soda (a.k.a. lye), which are the building blocks of everything from plastics to soap.

    FORBES: Chemical Balance

  • You add the carbonated water to the syrup and you get soda (or pop, or soda pop, depending on where you live.) The ratio of syrup to soda is the soda multiplier.

    FORBES: Where's The Hyperinflation?

  • "We see the sport as being where NASCAR was 15 to 20 years ago, " says Coca-Cola spokeswoman Susan McDermott, whose company sponsors fresh-water angler Aaron Martins with Vault, its soda-energy drink hybrid.

    FORBES: Reeling In Sponsors

  • Based in Israel, SodaStream is a global leader in the home beverage carbonation market, producing soda making systems that enable consumers to easily transform ordinary tap water into carbonated drinks instantly.

    FORBES: Strong Fundamentals Expected To Drive Momentum On SodaStream

  • If the water was refrigerated beforehand, you'll have nearly instant soda.

    ENGADGET: Switched On: The rules of Soda Club (Part 1)

  • Whether filming hippos in the clear water of Mzima Spring, flamingo chicks in a dried-out soda lake or the complex layers of life within a massive baobab tree, the Roots always let their subjects tell their own stories—making astonishing discoveries along the way.

    ECONOMIST: Animals in Africa

  • With growth in the soda segment flattening out, in part due to government antiobesity campaigns (soda sales have been banned in schools), the growth and competition are in water, where market leader Danone is fighting it out with Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

    FORBES: Mexico's Water War

  • They buy secret concentrate from Coca-Cola Co. and add water and sugar to turn it into the world's best-known soda, distributing it in cans and bottles across the world's next developing markets.

    FORBES: The Red Empire

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