• So I hope that the Senate will act in a bipartisan fashion, as they did in confirming Elena to be our Solicitor General last year, and that they will do so as swiftly as possible, so she can get busy and take her seat in time to fully participate in the work of the Court this fall.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Nominates Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

  • Whether it is a struggling salesman, a struggling product, or a struggling company, the single biggest reason why they fail is that they are so busy assuming that they never get around to asking.

    FORBES: Do You Think Like Steve Jobs? Take this Quiz and Find Out

  • "The nurses were so busy, I couldn't get them to help with simple things like turning down my bed, " says 50-year-old Kim.


  • So our job is to make the Iraqis get busy and forget.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He's obviously quite a busy person so maybe he could get off the train a stop earlier on the way to work or he may be able to get away for a lunch-time walk rather than sitting at his desk.

    BBC: Image of Tony Blair rowing

  • Lots of data and a busy day, so I may not get to update all of my series.

    FORBES: Connect

  • So his point was simply that the House should get busy with matters of great importance to the United States and to the American people.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • If President Boris Yeltsin is to get out of the hole he is so busy digging, he should call off his generals and, difficult as it would certainly be for him politically, call in some outside mediators.

    ECONOMIST: Russia��s Chechen folly

  • One regular churchgoer says the main thing she notices about Christmas is that it is so busy, you have to go earlier to get a seat.

    BBC: Why are churches busier at Christmas?

  • Hamlet's one, I think I'd have been a marvellous Hamlet but, I never, I never got to that, in fact I didn't get much Shakespeare because I was, got so busy with films during the war and there just wasn't time.

    BBC: NEWS | Entertainment | Sir John Mills interviewed in 2002

  • It will be busy and you will have to queue, so get there early.

    CNN: London's Olympic security headache

  • "Some companies can't get into The Crucible Studio because it's so busy, but need a base in Sheffield, " she said.

    BBC: Broadway director Ruth Carney moves to Sheffield theatre

  • And if you just did one thing this hurricane season, make sure you've got a good family communication plan and what your backups are going to be, so when you get on that cell phone and you get that busy signal you're not stuck, you know what the next step is.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • The latest generation offers e-mail and basic Web browsing so that busy users can stay in touch with the office, check flight times and get the latest stock quotes wherever they are.

    CNN: Cross My Palm With Silicon

  • And it's hard because you get in the middle of a project--and this is our busy time because of so many researchers coming up to do global climate research.

    NPR: Life in the Land of the Midnight Sun

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