• And as Jill reminded us just this past week, as Americans everywhere stood in awe at the bravery of the soldiers who carried out that daring operating in Pakistan, it was also a moment for all of us to remember that everyone who serves is able to do so because of the love and support of their families.

    WHITEHOUSE: Mother's Day Tea at the White House

  • Because they are so competitive, narcissists love the adversarial nature of the legal system and excel at manipulating it to their advantage.

    FORBES: Financial Strategies for Divorcing A Narcissist

  • However, to know the basics, starting with what is really considered contemporary art (which I love so much because it truly is the art of our times and the one that talks directly to us as individuals and as a society), to what is a screenprint, to why photography is so hot these days, to what is emerging art, etc.

    FORBES: Art Collecting For Career Women: Savvy Tips on How To Start A Contemporary Art Collection

  • People know my story because I love it so much, and I never get tired of sharing it.

    FORBES: David Bach on How to Build a Career Without Going Broke

  • We repealed "don't ask, don't tell" -- (applause) -- so that nobody is ever kicked out of the military because of who they love.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Americans love college basketball, because the kids play so hard, because of the cheerleaders, but also because the coaches convey a sense of authority.

    WSJ: How Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum Should Be Dressing | Moving Targets

  • So I only recorded it because I really love it, and it's kind of an ode to my mom, a little dedication.

    NPR: Queen Latifah on 'Trav'lin' Light'

  • In that novel, the eighties were not merely a discrete historical period and so the book was not a historical novel because the fictional material (love of money, excess of all kinds, fashionable drug abuse, political opportunism, the scythe of AIDS) so easily spilled beyond its temporal borders.

    NEWYORKER: Sons and Lovers

  • So the software companies love these programs, because the federal government it essentially saying, hey, one of the benefits of e-filing is you get your money faster.

    NPR: Tech Tips for Making Taxes Less Painful

  • I'm so grateful to them, for the love, for the support and for the hard work, because some of them were out on the campaign trail easily as much as Nancy and I were.

    CNN: Election Night Victory Speech

  • If you find yourself unable to sleep because of work stress, or if you are feeling so strained that you take it out on the people you love, it's time to re-evaluate your workload.

    CNN: Overworked or challenged at your job?

  • And a definition that embraces the whole continent such as respect for human rights, the rule of law, care for the poor and a love of liberty (the list offered by one European commissioner) does so only because it not distinctively European.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

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