• Sharjah's Natural History Museum has had over 200, 000 visitors since it opened two years ago, but setting up slick audio-visual displays is a far cry from breeding rare animals in captivity.

    ECONOMIST: Noah��s ark in the Gulf

  • Kevin Sinfield's slick offload set up a cross-field move rounded off when Senior went over in the left-hand corner, a historic try as it kept up his record of having scored in every season of Super League.

    BBC: St Helens 26-18 Leeds

  • Just hold your horses -- some of these slick machines are drumming up extra anticipation with release dates well into the holiday shopping season.

    ENGADGET: 's holiday gift guide 2012: ultraportables

  • When the prodigal returned, the firm's loyal customer base, starved for years of innovative new computers, rushed to snap up the slick, if rather expensive, machines that Mr Jobs began to produce for them.

    ECONOMIST: Computer industry

  • While Capitol Hill might have the market cornered on dysfunction, the rest of the city has undergone some serious self-improvement, with slick new condos cropping up on once desolate street corners, and brick-walled wine bars replacing boarded-up storefronts.

    WSJ: Journal Concierge: Insider's Guide to Washington, D.C.

  • During the three-hour climb up rocky switchbacks to the pass, we stomp through several steep spots blanketed in knee-deep snow and ice. (You really feel those 30 pounds shifting around on your back as you try to maintain your balance.) We're forced to detour around one switchback and shimmy up a slick, steep incline of green brush, holding on to plants for leverage--and praying for solid foot positions.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Likewise, Apple can seem to do no wrong, picking up new customers with slick, high-end designs.

    FORBES: Dell Returns From Hell

  • Immediately after, a slick-looking guy started chatting up Ferdowsi in Farsi.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It will be slick, emotionally engineered, served up in bite-size chunks, and cast with people with little connection to "normal" life who will recite what's expected of them because they want to be on TV.

    WSJ: 'Newlyweds' and the Bizarro World of Reality-Show Marriage | Newlyweds: The First Year | Dance Moms | Maron | Television Reviews by John Anderson

  • Chelsea were slick and patient in their build-up play but the final touch around the box was lacking.

    BBC: Everton 0-0 Chelsea

  • With temperatures lower than in the first session and light rain falling, there was little action for the opening part of the second 90-minute session as the pit crews switched their attention to the weather and weighed up swapping dry-weather slick tyres for intermediates.

    BBC: Lewis Hamilton fastest in Friday Australian GP practice

  • The next morning I would feel nothing worse than melancholy as the carts packed up, leaving behind a pavement slick with grease.

    NPR: The Curious Incident of the Funnel Cake in the Lawn

  • Conflict-minded Apple fans argue that Android phones are less slick and uglier, and that they junk up the system with low-quality apps generated in its open developer community.

    CNN: iPhone snobbery greets Instagram's Android app

  • The Focus feels slick and smooth the first time you pick it up.


  • Walking up to five hours a day, Slick says he had reduced his waist by 5cm and lost 35lbs (16kgs).

    BBC: Treadmill desks: How practical are they?

  • Elvis was one of the 20th century's biggest cultural forces--the first white, mainstream rock star whose slick hair and shaking hips unleashed the pent-up dance fever and sexual energy of 1950s teenagers.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It sounds simple, and it is, but what happens when the matzo soaks up some egg and fries in a generous slick of fat is at the same time profound: What was dry and severe becomes plush and custardy.

    WSJ: Matzo Brei Recipes for Passover: Easy as Brei

  • There's a slick radar map that can show what the clouds will be up to at a specific time.

    CNN: Eight apps to get you through a winter storm

  • Saracens had their tails up and Ratuvou was almost sent clear after some slick passing between replacements Andy Saull and Rodd Penney.

    BBC: Saracens 24-23 South Africa

  • The slick-haired, soft-spoken Hatoyama, who grew up in a well-to-do family of politicians, may have grown too out of touch with everyday people and their economic hardships.

    NPR: Japan's Prime Minister Resigns Over U.S. Base

  • After 10 minutes of their pack softening up the visitors, Ospreys produced two incisive and slick backs moves that suggested the influence of new director of rugby Scott Johnson.

    BBC: Ospreys 30-32 Edinburgh

  • Formula 1 stars Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button show up in the video that is part of a slick series detailing the impressions of the drivers as they arrive at the biggest race tracks for competition.

    FORBES: Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button Land In Singapore

  • Despite strong sales and earnings growth, Apple shares are down 18.9% this year, thanks largely to a dip in January after Jobs introduced the MacBook Air, a slick, ultra-light laptop that couldn't live up the expectations set by the previous year's introduction of the iPhone (to be fair, how could anything live up to that?).

    FORBES: Apple's Secret Life

  • Against the Cavs he showed up with a Beckhamesque faux-hawk and a pair of slick blue and orange Nikes.

    WSJ: Jason Gay: Meet the Cuddly New York Knicks

  • And yet he entertains as fully as the slick films he debunks, with a sharp sense of humor that holds up even during the most desperate moments.

    CNN: Hong Kong's Unknown Face

  • Ms. LATIFAH: (As Ana Willis) Me and Slick(ph) used to get high together, then he got locked up.

    NPR: Queen Latifah on New HBO Movie 'Life Support'

  • Would I rather just give up and remain in Atlanta with its picture-perfect playgrounds, slick shopping malls and robust economy?

    NPR: A Displaced Resident, Haunted by New Orleans

  • So, if you thought building that slick new game for Android or iOS was going to give you a leg up on the coding competition when seeking work at Facebook HQ... think again.


  • The pressure to trial that, Kers, and slick tyres - which are back after 11 years on grooved rubber - is being cranked up by the ban on in-season testing.

    BBC: F1 teams face testing times

  • The classic presentation of this once it blows up , whether professionally or personally, is the N appearing confident, in control, slick and even deeply concerned about the situation while the target of his wrath appears shaken, has difficulty explaining, proving or documenting what has happened.

    FORBES: How to Tell If Your Boss Is a Narcissist-- And 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Fired by One

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