• Projects outlined on the site include a map of places that need sand-bagging, ways for people to sign up and help, and after-storm parties, set up to raise money.

    BBC: Websites knocked offline by super-storm Sandy

  • The state GOP has launched its own Web site, a map that tracks Democratic fundraisers in the state, captioned: Democrat presidential candidates say they won't campaign in Florida, they'll only raise money here.

    NPR: Florida Democrats Penalized for Early Primary

  • There are photos of the office on their site, but the location is slightly different from what is pinpointed in the Google map on their site.

    FORBES: Living On Bitcoin For A Week: The Journey Begins

  • The site has an equivalent map of National Rail stations for towns around the United Kingdom that are hosting Olympic events.

    BBC: London for disabled visitors

  • The site features an interactive map for users to check whether the pothole they are reporting has already been logged.

    BBC: Oxford

  • The site features an interactive map where users can check whether the pothole they are reporting has already been logged.

    BBC: Pothole

  • "Now here's a site, the Sphinx and the Pyramids, probably the most famous ancient site in the worldno map, " Ludwig says.

    FORBES: Treasure saver

  • Another great feature is the site's free map personalization.

    CNN: Site-Seer: Web site maps make navigating easy

  • "Now here's a site, the sphinx and the pyramids, probably the most famous ancient site in the world no map, " Ludwig says.

    FORBES: Creative Giving: Treasure saver

  • The site contains a colourful world map that changes according the criteria chosen, and users can even compare one country to another based on what is most important to them.

    BBC: Planning life as an expat

  • Mr Davenport said the origins of the name "the Nunnery" were hazy, as only one historic map had stated that the site used to be a convent.

    BBC: Alderney Roman fort 'could house exhibits'

  • For drivers in unfamiliar areas, any site chosen can be plotted on a map using GPS, and maps can be changed to satellite, hybrid or terrain views.

    FORBES: GE Gambles on Fuel-Price Mapping

  • "If you go to a site of a hotel and see a map and 'how to get directions, ' that's likely provided by a completely different company, " Parenty said.

    CNN: Cyber attacks touching celebrities, governments

  • The map on ESRI's Web site, showing driving directions to its headquarters, is inferior to Google's version of the same.

    FORBES: Map Mania

  • Already, it boasts mashups from Microsoft's Virtual Earth map service on Marriot's Web site.

    FORBES: Why Google Loves The Little Guys

  • Along with the search function, which encompasses Web, news image, video and map content, like Google , the site hosts job listings and professional profiles.

    FORBES: IAC's Minority Interest

  • Facebook may have its European headquarters in Dublin but the social networking site has wiped a small Irish village off the map because its name is deemed obscene.

    FORBES: You Can't Say Effin on Facebook

  • The site, launched early Thursday, features videos and an interactive map.

    CNN: Google fights to save 3,054 dying languages

  • The site's interactivity is powered by software that creates a virtual map of the handsets.

    FORBES: Ditching The Dummy Handsets

  • The Higher Education and Research Opportunities in the UK (Hero) site is the official portal to higher education, with a clickable map and profiles of all universities and higher education colleges.

    BBC: sites

  • But then last November Stock had a breakthrough: A Sand Hill Road venture firm (which didn't end up investing in Zvents) asked him to map out the events being submitted on Zvents' Web site.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The intent of this project is three-fold: to galvanize institutional support for the implementation of the Madrid Action Plan (MAP) for MAB in Pakistan, and add an additional site - the Juniper Forest Ecosystem of Ziarat - to the global network of biosphere reserves, and to facilitate the capacity building of stakeholders in the management of biosphere reserves, along with enhancing the research capacity on ecosystem services.


  • So just go to the site, type in your address and we'll take you to a map of your neighborhood with a zestimate of your house and all your neighbors' houses.

    NPR: Web Site Offers One Stop for Real Estate Data

  • Google in June launched Map Maker, a service that lets people upload location data to its Web site.

    FORBES: The Road Less Stupid

  • Facebook will be able to pinpoint on a map where your home is, whether you share your personal address with the site or not.

    FORBES: Some Quick Privacy Thoughts On Facebook's 'Not-A-Phone-But-More-Than-An-App' Home

  • "I do not want to be a UEFA president who, during his term of office, sees prestigious clubs that form part of our sport's heritage disappear from the football map due to bankruptcy, " he said on UEFA's official Web site.

    CNN: Platini plans war on football debt

  • The Gawker Stalker map of celebrity sightings in Manhattan got George Clooney so irate he urged people to flood the site with fake posts, Gawker says.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • One Web site, www.scipionus.com, is combating the confusion by encouraging users to annotate a Google Map of New Orleans with information about specific locations.

    FORBES: Ten Must-Read Tech Stories

  • Programmable Web, a site that tracks mashups, figures that about half of the mashups it sees are based on Google's map business and about half of all mashups fund themselves using the Google ad machine.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Along with the search function, which encompasses Web, news image, video and map content, like Google (nasdaq: GOOG - news - people ), the site hosts job listings and professional profiles.

    FORBES: IAC's Minority Interest

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