• And so we are working to try to strengthen the ability of both parties to sit down across the table and to begin serious negotiations.

    WHITEHOUSE: Creating New Jobs by Investing in High-Speed Rail

  • And we agreed to coordinate closely in encouraging the parties to sit down around the negotiating table and to resolve this issue in a way that creates a Palestinian state that is sovereign and an Israeli state that is secure, the two states living side by side in peace.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama and President Sarkozy at G8 Summit

  • So I think what the President has asked GM to do today is to sit down and go back to that table, re-plan and come back again, and we'll certainly make a determination.

    WHITEHOUSE: White House Press Briefing

  • Both we and Iran, both governments today, will be bringing a lot of emotional, political baggage to the negotiating table when we sit down eventually and try to talk.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Rise of the ‘Iran Lobby’

  • "We're not going to be forced to sit down at the table, " says ESPN programmer Ronald Semiao.

    FORBES: X-treme Economics

  • Is America entering a new era in which ideaological oppononets rise above the rhetoric and sit down at the negotiating table to hammer out their differences in lieu of pointed media and political attacks?

    FORBES: Good Conversation

  • It makes it nearly impossible for people who have legitimate but bridgeable differences to sit down at the same table and hash things out.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama at Michigan Commencement

  • And that is that the American people would like to see Democrats and Republicans sit down at a table, be it here, be it there, and work through important solutions to the problems that face the American people.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • The first candidate to sit down at the dark-stained conference table was a Chinese-American, from Washington state, named Andrew Hsu.

    NEWYORKER: No Death, No Taxes

  • They always have been, and I'm willing to sit down with anybody and sit across the table, and let's have an exchange, and let's find out if - they may have some good ideas, too, and if they do, bring them on in, because we're looking for the best solution we can.

    NPR: Blue Dogs Democrats Have a Centrist Agenda

  • Whether or not the Ulster Unionists sit down at the table opposite Sinn Fein, only agree to attend if they can sit in another room, or refuse to talk to anyone but the British government, may not matter that much.

    ECONOMIST: Sinn Fein comes on board

  • And as a professional negotiation coach, I know what that mindset can do to people and companies before they formally sit down at the negotiation table.

    FORBES: '42' Portrays Jackie Robinson as a Master Negotiator

  • When the last of them has been nominated and confirmed, Congress should sit them down at a witness table (or tables) and ask them to agree on a few points.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • By the time I went to sit down, there were only three empty seats left at this very long table of perhaps sixty people.

    FORBES: My Lunch With Lady Margaret Thatcher

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