• What I love about Dead Space 3 is similar to what I love about the rest of the series: it lets me geek out in space.

    FORBES: 'Dead Space' Was Never All That Scary

  • The Toy Box in Disney Infinity may be similar to LittleBigPlanet, but I love the idea of more games building off of player interaction and collaboration.

    FORBES: Connect

  • The rush came because the Mandarin for 4 January 2013 sounds similar to the phrase "I will love you all my life".

    BBC: 'Love you forever day' prompts Chinese wedding rush

  • Of course, the gravesty of this is that the market for Quarter Horses is very similar to the market that is in love with the idea of having an American or Spanish Colonial Mustang as an equine partner.

    FORBES: No American Horse Steak for You, Europeans

  • Microsoft would love to come to a similar deal with the European Commission, which last month ruled against the firm, and with RealNetworks, another software rival that is suing it.

    ECONOMIST: Face value

  • Leaving OCD out of this, yes there are aspects of falling in love, sometimes, that are similar to temporary insanity.

    BBC: Crazy little thing called love?

  • But this is worth looking into, and I would love to know if anybody is seeing a similar trend.

    FORBES: Time To Short Google?

  • Another album, 2001's Love and Theft, was claimed to have passages similar to lines from Confessions of a Yakuza, the memoir of a Japanese gangster by author Junichi Saga.

    BBC: Bob Dylan rejects 'plagiarism' claims

  • Legend Airlines, a Dallas-based startup, met a similar block when it tried to fly DC-9s -- modified to seat 56 -- from Love Field to New York City and other major destinations.

    FORBES: Dogfight

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