• Mr Clegg could have swept in through the side entrance of the hotel, avoiding the heckles.

    BBC: How much anger on the doorstep?

  • Friday's bombing occurred at a security checkpoint at the side entrance to the U.S. Embassy, which is used by staff.

    NPR: Suicide Bomber Kills Guard At US Embassy In Turkey

  • But while many ornately dressed pontiffs in centuries past arrived in a fancy horse-drawn carriage, Francis rolled into a side entrance of the basilica complex in an open-topped white jeep.

    NPR: Francis Honors John Paul II Before Installation

  • He was caught on school surveillance cameras, the sheriff said, using a side entrance instead of the school's main door and "appearing nervous" as he tried to conceal the shotgun when he entered the school.


  • While a half-block line of ticket-holding locals formed to one side of the theater's entrance, the other side was mobbed by sign-toting Bradley and Gore supporters -- mostly white and college-aged.

    CNN: Advantage to Gore in showdown at the Apollo

  • Bypassing: movement of sand from the accreting updrift side of a structure, inlet or harbour entrance to the eroding downdrift side.


  • In true Bai fashion, Mr. Ye further enhanced the entrance by adding two side structures.

    WSJ: Inside the Home and Studio of Ye Yongqing

  • It sits atop a cliff on Cambodian soil but has its most accessible entrance on the Thai side.

    CNN: Thai, Cambodian envoys set temple talks

  • Pointedly, Terefe was observed hiding a bundle of cash taken from the entrance fees in a side pocket of his red duffel bag, which he took with him at the end of his shift.

    FORBES: Low Tech Crime Wave Hits Smithsonian Museum Parking Lot

  • The space is flanked on either side by clothing boutiques, and the entrance is behind a six-foot fence covered in faux greenery.

    WSJ: Backyard Timeshare on the Lower East Side to Open Aug. 1

  • He mentioned that he is working on several stores that will look like the one on New York's Upper West Side, which has a tall glass entrance that stretches up to an all-glass ceiling.

    CNN: Mark Milian,

  • People travelling from Moor Street station and pedestrians on Smallbrook Queensway are now able to reach the new concourse via the new Moor Street pedestrian walkway, which links the east side of the station to the new entrance on Stephenson Street.

    BBC: Birmingham New Street station: Concourse opened

  • The outdoor produce market is busy, coffee shops are packed with students and young professionals, luxury cars are not uncommon, and ATMs from nine Arab banks sit side by side to compete for business at the entrance to a Ramallah shopping mall.


  • The alternative to St Pancras would have stretched under the main King's Cross building, the carriage entrance on its north-west side, and a gasworks to the north, he says.


  • There are two new concourses, with improved information points and more shops, and an additional new entrance to serve passengers from the northern side of the city.

    BBC: New Newport station ready for Ryder Cup

  • She was meant to drop him at his apartment, but when she drew up at the entrance she opened the car door at her side, as he did his, and went to him in the street.

    NEWYORKER: A Beneficiary

  • Located on a side street lined with hostess bars, Glass has blacked out windows and a formidable looking doorman at the entrance.

    BBC: Seedy Pigalle��s hipster transformation

  • But neither side was fully committed to attack, and even Pat Nevin was unable to provide some magic on his entrance from the substitutes' bench.

    BBC: Arbroath earn Cup replay

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