• The first is that the doubts, introspection and self-analysis will likely follow Guardiola wherever he goes.

    WSJ: The End of the Pep Guardiola Era

  • In other words, I might answer a survey as if I were an ideal version of myself rather than reflecting a true self-analysis.

    FORBES: Men Choosing Fatherhood Over Careers

  • Time and again, I have turned to self-analysis and a bit of 20-20 hindsight to evaluate my performance and redesign my strategy.

    FORBES: Creative Leadership: Introspection

  • They need to be confident and comfortable in self-analysis that they can identify their own weaknesses so they can assemble a team or partners that complement them.

    FORBES: More About Humility Than Harvard

  • Instead of capturing photos to flaunt to friends on Facebook, Memoto posits that its photos should serve a more private purpose one of reflection and self-analysis.

    FORBES: Kickstarter Hit Memoto Gets Ready To Ship Wearable, Life-Recording Cameras

  • On the other hand, distilling a lifetime into a series of practical lessons has clearly pushed Mr Broad to do some hard thinking and self-analysis, which makes his book a useful read, especially for anyone engaging in entrepreneurship or philanthropy.

    ECONOMIST: Uncommonly unreasonable

  • Ms. SUSAN MEDAK (Director, Berkeley Repertory Theatre): There was none of that public self-analysis, none of that public scrutiny that we now go through over every major crisis that helps us, as a culture, define the meaning of an experience, to define the meaning of a tragedy.

    NPR: The People's Temple, on Stage

  • "Hurricane Sandy tested the city's ability to respond to a large coastal storm from providing shelter to residents of coastal areas to removing thousands of tons of damaged trees to providing food and supplies to affected residents, " Deputy Mayors Linda Gibbs and Caswell Holloway wrote in the post-Sandy self-analysis issued Friday.

    WSJ: New report: NYC should buy more police boats

  • Personal Capital delivers a high tech and high touch wealth management service via powerful financial aggregation and self-service analysis tools, but also provides live financial advisors for clients who want help in constructing and maintaining a diversified and balanced portfolio.

    FORBES: 10 Rules For Disruptors In The Financial Services Industry

  • Dr Gillespie's analysis shows self-employment has increased sharply, to more than 12% of Scots in employment.

    BBC: Behind the Budget challenge

  • Middleton's site combines self-promotion with meticulous financial analysis that is often delivered with a whiff of bathroom humor (a list of overpriced banking stocks last year went out as the "Doo-Doo 32").

    FORBES: Money & Investing

  • There is the same dizzying blend of self-belief, name-dropping, genuinely shrewd analysis and eclectic leadership tips.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Another thing you have to understand about technical analysis too is that it is largely a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    FORBES: Ominous Bear Flag Pattern Suggests S&P 500 At 1,000

  • The result: a new and unique FORBES model for content creation, with self-publishing mechanisms, new editing processes and audience development techniques rooted in data analysis.

    FORBES: The Rise of Social Power: What It Means for Forbes and Our Brand

  • Ognian Zlatev (founding member of the Bulgarian media self-regulatory body, the National Council for Journalistic Ethics), presents a thorough analysis of press councils in the abovementioned publication (OSCE, 2008, pp. 45-66).

    UNESCO: Communication and Information

  • The Center for Security Policy today issued an analysis outlining key developments affecting the prospects for lasting peace and genuine self-determination in Cambodia and the course American policy should follow to promote those prospects.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: How To Give Peace A Chance In Cambodia

  • An analysis of CNN polling indicates that support for the president and congressional Democrats has slipped among self-described liberals.

    CNN: Health care, Afghan war splits Democrats

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