• That is because cars depreciate faster than the loan balance, resulting in the collateral value of the car being less than the outstanding balance.

    FORBES: Examples of ABS

  • His worst-case scenario assumes that 90% of the CMO's mortgages default and it recoups only half their value, resulting in a net 45% loss.

    FORBES: Panic Buying

  • Progressive organizations are evaluating their procurement, sourcing and supplier management from a new perspective to create additional value and explore resulting business sustainability risk that will continue well into 2011.

    FORBES: CSR 2010: Emerging Career Choices in Supply Chain and Sustainability

  • Last week rivals including Morgan Stanley also managed to squeeze out profits thanks to accounting maneuvers resulting from changes in debt-related credit value.

    FORBES: UBS Ekes Out Profit Despite $2 Billion Rogue Trading Loss

  • The resulting stock price is what Callahan considers the intrinsic value of those future earnings.

    FORBES: Taming the Sector Beast

  • Other academics believe the value premium is derived from securities mispricing resulting from erroneous growth assumptions among investors.

    FORBES: Value Stocks and Dividends

  • Analysts said that many large Japanese banks or pension funds tended to sell riskier assets during times of uncertainty, bringing the money back into the country, resulting in an appreciation in the yen's value.

    BBC: Asian markets fall after deadly Boston Marathon blasts

  • Police Chief Dean Esserman of Providence, Rhode Island, said that for a time, his department saw a dramatic increase in copper thefts resulting from empty, foreclosed homes and the increased value of copper on the commodities market.

    CNN: Neighborhood watches are on the front lines in bad economy

  • The resulting lack of information seems to have led to the true value of many ecosystems being ignored or underestimated.

    ECONOMIST: Land-use change

  • The resulting inflation will bump up tax revenues, while reducing the value of spending, thus leaving enough money to service the debt.

    ECONOMIST: Uruguay's economy

  • Mortgage REITs, which use short-term debt to buy longer-term mortgage securities, also are at the greatest risk if interest rates rise because that would increase their short-term borrowing costs and cut the value of the mortgage bonds that they hold, possibly resulting in losses and reduced dividends.

    WSJ: REIT Returns Up but Trail Broader Market

  • Nonda stepped up to confidently dispatch the resulting spot-kick and for a brief spell, Blackburn looked good value for their lead.

    BBC: Arsenal 6-2 Blackburn

  • First, Beijing is still fixing the value of its currency at abnormally low levels, which is ultimately resulting in inflows of funds.

    FORBES: China's Galloping Inflation

  • Because of the high value of these minerals, there exists intense competition over access to them, resulting in egregious acts of violence and human rights abuses including gender-based violence such as sexual slavery, forced recruitment, forced prostitution, and rape.

    FORBES: Progress Being Made In Eliminating Conflict From Minerals Supply Chains

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