• More than 55, 000 people a day ride the city's main escalator, which rises from Central to the residential district of Mid-levels.

    WSJ: Hong Kong's Escalators Give Areas a Lift

  • On April 20, in a house on Irian Street in Jakarta's residential district of Menteng, two top Indonesian leaders broke fast together.

    CNN: Partners -- As In Sparring

  • The authority set up to run the site after the games has plans for a new residential district of 50, 000 people by 2030.

    ECONOMIST: When the circus leaves town

  • One residential district, known to archaeologists as Region 6, does indeed have toilets on the ground story of almost every home, she said.

    MSN: Much doo-doo about nothing? Pompeii had upstairs toilets

  • "It's not cheap, but the location is good, " she says of the apartment in a high-rise building in a residential district north of the Shanghai Bund.

    WSJ: Income-to-Housing Price Gap Narrows in China

  • In the French Concession, the city's most popular residential district, bicycles and scooters careen through the winding tree-canopied streets, holding such new buzz boites as Dr. Wine and The Apartment.

    WSJ: An Insider's Guide to Shanghai | Journal Concierge

  • From the Colosseum, cutting across the ancient racecourse Circus Maximus, it is a wonderful stroll up the Aventino, one of Rome's seven hills, home to a dreamily upmarket residential district with deep-green trees shading its orange-ochre buildings.

    BBC: A perfect day in Rome

  • The sting took place in a dingy residential district of five-story apartment blocks on the outskirts of Dongguan, a city that is part of the Pearl River megalopolis extending from nearby Guangzhou to Hong Kong, 60 miles away.

    WSJ: Psst��Wanna Buy a Counterfeit Golf Club? | Golf Journal by John Paul Newport

  • During the day, bodies were being recovered from the rubble of a building in a residential district of Baghdad on which American planes had dropped four huge bombs on Monday, following a tip-off that Saddam and his sons were there.

    ECONOMIST: Saddam's regime topples

  • The activists said several rockets exploded in a residential area in Barzeh district Thursday night and Friday morning.

    NPR: Activists: Rocket Attack In Syrian Capital Kills 5

  • The relationship was tested as they negotiated a second deal, to bid for the redevelopment of some residential properties in a prime district of south Mumbai.

    FORBES: Hall Monitors

  • The Boston Marathon course winds its way through eight cities and towns, 26.2 miles that lead from the suburban, residential neighborhoods in Hopkinton to the business district of Boston's Back Bay.

    NPR: BAA: Support After Attacks At Race Overwhelming

  • To create that personalized report for each residential customer in the East Bay utility district, WaterSmart will not only use historical records of water use but also real estate, demographic and weather data.

    FORBES: A Startup's Bid To Use Data To Cut Water Use

  • Every pair of glasses is still designed and produced in the latest Mykita Haus in a quiet residential area of Berlin's Mitte district and much of the company's success is based on word-of-mouth, its founders say.

    WSJ: Shop Talk: What a Spectacle | Mykita Glasses

  • Joel Sulse, who celebrated Mass at the Santuario de San Antonio parish in an upscale residential enclave in Manila's Makati business district.

    NPR: In Manila, Catholics Pray For Smooth Succession

  • Coming in early 2014 is the 154-room Alt Griffin hotel, which will be part of the largest multi-use real estate project in town (expected to combine residential, shopping and dining outlets in the blossoming Griffin district).

    BBC: Business trip: Montreal

  • For example, a city might want to amend the zoning ordinance that applies to the area in which your property is situated in order to allow a parcel of land in that area to have a different use than the surrounding district (such as adding commercial real estate to a residential area).

    FORBES: Top 4 Nightmares For Real Estate Investors

  • The houses are just outside the bounds of an historic district, and the property can be developed for commercial as well as residential use.

    WSJ: Side by Side Homes on Upper East Side Go on Market Together for $11.95 Million

  • Targets included food markets, residential neighborhoods and an early-morning gathering of day laborers in the New Baghdad district in the eastern part of the city, said the official.

    WSJ: Wave of Deadly Attacks Hits Baghdad

  • ECOtality is project manager of The EV Project and will oversee the installation of 15, 000 commercial and residential charging stations in 16 cities and major metropolitan areas in six states and the District of Columbia.

    ENGADGET: ECOtality teams with Sprint to connect Blink EV charging network

  • The Ayala group, for example, is still awaiting a contract for a railway connecting their property in the Makati business district to an area south where they have more than 4, 000 hectares of residential, commercial and industrial development.

    CNN: Is She Ready to Rule?

  • An upper-middle class residential area in the early 1900s, Lapa later fell on hard times and became a red-light district in the 1930s, its taverns and brothels the stomping ground for a broad swath of Rio society - artists, politicians, bohemians, intellectuals and malandros (con men).

    BBC: Searching for the perfect samba beat

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