• While the relative position of the U.S. is weakening, China is becoming more assertive and willing to be confrontational.

    FORBES: China Momentum Continues, But What Does It Mean?

  • "Their relative position versus Nvidia has improved compared to six months ago, " says Dean McCarron, president of chip tracker Mercury Research.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It would also increase their relative position in society: there are also those motivated not by being better off but by being better off than others.

    FORBES: What's The Attraction Of Central Planning Of The Economy?

  • The book correctly identifies some of the reasons why this does not happen in poor countries, where companies often fail to understand their customers and lack knowledge of their relative position in an industry.

    ECONOMIST: Fish out of water

  • The Wii U controller contains the same motion tracking hardware as a Nintendo Wiimote, which means the system can track its relative position at all times, and update the controller screen depending on its orientation.

    FORBES: Hands On With The Nintendo Wii U

  • Its second-generation Ankle Mimicking Prosthetic Foot (AMP-Foot 2.0) uses a pair of force sensors to determine the leg's relative position and let an actuator build energy when the foot bends, locking the power away to use only when the owner pushes off.

    ENGADGET: AMP-Foot 2.0 prosthesis gives the power of real feet, keeps a light step (video)

  • "Their relative position versus Nvidia has improved compared to six months ago, " says Dean McCarron, president of chip tracker Mercury Research. amd is also building ati's graphics capabilities into a new CPU that may see the light of day in the second half of 2009.

    FORBES: Shoot To Kill

  • He said, the fact that the media line is so mutable that the tone and emphasis of their coverage is merely a function of Obama's relative position reveals the extent to which the press has become a withering and slightly deformed appendage of the center left.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Beyond Bias: The Mainstream Media

  • Consider the foreign importer: No doubt that importer's relative wealth position is enhanced by the devaluationist "gift"--at first.

    FORBES: The sheer folly of currency devaluation.

  • In the courts, it would appear that the owners may find very little sympathy for their arguments given the profitability of the league, most teams within the league, and the relative wealth position of the owners compared to the average player as cited above.

    FORBES: NFL Lockout Ruling Foreshadows Eventual Defeat for Owners

  • Then you'll be able to see on the map screen display your position relative to each other.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The former, Dedio says, trades at only eight times 2012 estimates with a 20% net cash position relative to its stock price.

    FORBES: Why You Should Own a Really Diversified Portfolio in 2012

  • Nokia seems to be confused about the current state of the smart phone market, and its position relative to Apple and Android phones.

    FORBES: Nokia Exec: 'Youth Are Pretty Much Fed Up With iPhones'

  • Even today, Portugal has not yet recovered its 17th-century position relative to other European economies, and it remains the poorest country in Western Europe.

    FORBES: Ian Fletcher Again

  • Free markets respond to supply and demand, and in the US the ready alternatives to domestic labor have placed it in an especially poor bargaining position relative to capital.

    FORBES: Is Capitalism Dying?

  • Facebook has an enormous database of member-created content from which to search, and that puts it in a unique position relative to Google or Microsoft Bing that search on public websites.

    FORBES: Facebook's New Graph Search: Boon or Privacy Concern?

  • Thus, a spy plane could not be completely invisible if it were to be used for espionage or, indeed, flown at all, since its pilots would need to know its position relative to the ground.

    ECONOMIST: How to weave a cloak that makes you invisible

  • Not only does an entrepreneurial path place immigrants in a non-competitive position relative to the existing wage-seeking labor pool, but their ventures that are employer businesses actually create jobs, increasing demand for labor and thereby pushing up wages.

    FORBES: Guest post by Jordan Zachary Bell-Masterson

  • Your presentation gives you an opportunity to position yourself relative to your competition in the minds of your audience.

    FORBES: Let's Talk Competition

  • No one will know who you are, what you stand for, and what you can bring to the table unless you define your brand and position it relative to your competition so you get noticed.

    FORBES: The Power of Owning a Word

  • In a way, I think I managed to skip the first four stages of the transition because I voluntarily left the traditional economy nine months ago from a position of relative strength, and skipped ahead to the Favela Chic world of acceptance.

    FORBES: Kubler-Ross and #OccupyWallStreet

  • But the first of them ignores the possibility, which it is too early to discount, that the surge strategy may actually start to show results, enabling Mr Bush to begin a withdrawal in his own time from a position of relative advantage.

    ECONOMIST: George Bush and Congress

  • If the NFL wins this blanket recognition, its owners' position would strengthen relative to both players and fans.

    ECONOMIST: Is the NFL more than the sum of its parts?

  • Now check out TVA's "fundability curve, " which illustrates how the startup stacked up relative to its age and market position.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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