• "The broader your experience, the more likely you have something you can relate to with the myriads of people you meet, " she says.

    WSJ: Starting a Business Later in Life

  • Morton used a series of in-depth interviews with media analysts to relate a story of two young people struggling to lead ordinary lives, obsessed with their own privacy.

    BBC: Posh books battle it out

  • People with autism find it hard to relate to their fellow human beings.

    ECONOMIST: As others see us | The

  • Assistant District Attorney Joseph Spindle said four counts each relate to 27 people who applied for driver's licenses with false affidavits of residence.

    WSJ: Jurors deliberate in NM driver's license case

  • According to David Jackson, professor of Russian and Scandinavian art histories at the University of Leeds, these qualities allow people with little knowledge of Expressionist art to relate to what was, when it was first shown, an avant-garde work.

    BBC: Munch's The Scream... and the appeal of anguished art

  • And he still peppers his speech with frequent profanities, something he claims helps younger people relate to him.

    FORBES: The Enlightenment Of Russell Simmons

  • His reliance on Teleprompters for almost every speech showed that he dared not get off script, because if he did people could not relate to him, or even identify with his message.

    FORBES: Connect

  • ''All members should be aware that how the people of Scotland perceive the Parliament and how we relate with them is in our hands and that we should use that responsibility wisely, '' he said.

    BBC: Photo of Scottish flag

  • Many people really seem to relate to the piece and identify with having a Facebook addiction, and these FB Cigarettes seem to be one of the most popular after Banksy in L.A. for people stopping to take their pictures with.

    FORBES: L.A. Street Artist's Unfiltered Take on Facebook: 'Social Cigarettes'

  • But people like me who probably would have fallen under the spectrum label had it been around in our childhoods relate to, share, and deeply empathize with the struggles of autistic people, particularly when we see our children having these issues, too.

    FORBES: Is Asperger's A Vanishing Diagnosis That's Already Lost Its Meaning?

  • "You couldn't learn better street politics than with Ed Koch, how to talk to people, how to relate to people, " Ms. Schwartz said.

    WSJ: On Day He Died, a New Film

  • You can see birds in your backyard, you can go see a panda bear, even if it's only on TV, there are animals out there that people can appreciate, that they can sympathize with, and they can relate to.

    CNN: Keeping watch over the 'megafishes'

  • "The people who produce pop music... don't really deal with any topics that really relate to real daily issues, " he said.


  • Unfortunately, most people can also relate to the feeling of logging into a clunky application that takes eons to load, with an interface seemingly designed to infuriate human beings.

    FORBES: The Case for Loving Your Business Applications

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