• Another clue is Inkwell, a handwriting recognition program that turns handwritten squiggles into text.

    FORBES: Apple Gooses IBook Speeds

  • Indeed, the key to any engagement or employee recognition program is in the hands of front line managers.

    FORBES: Employee Recognition: 5 Keys from Taj Hotels Resorts

  • We have found that the Employees First approach produces far more passion than any motivational or recognition program.


  • With over 10 years at Rideau in marketing, client services, and recognition program design, Jennifer Lumba has a grasp on the impact of employee recognition like no one else.

    FORBES: Using Metrics to Prove the ROI of Employee Recognition Programs

  • What is frustrating about this, says Dr Kristensson, is that more often than not the correct strings of words were recognised, but rejected by the speech-recognition program on statistical grounds.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • Outside of its hospitals, Novant also encourages doctors affiliated with the health system to participate in a diabetes-recognition program, conducted by the National Committee for Quality Assurance, a nonprofit health group.

    WSJ: Wider Testing to Fight Diabetes Before It Hits

  • The prototype uses an open-source speech-recognition program called Pocket Sphinx, developed at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, but Dr Kristensson reckons it would be easy to apply the same approach to commercially available programs like Nuance's Dragon.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • NationsBank gives bonuses based on a companywide recognition program, but it balked at a year-2000-specific bonus plan because of the inevitably high turnover in IT, according to Bob Large, executive director of year-2000 projects at NationsBank, in Charlotte, N.

    CNN: Managers turn away from retention bonuses for Y2K

  • Run on an eight-inch screen with a similar screen faceplate behind the steering wheel, the Cadillac User Experience allows touch-based feedback (see the demo in the video above), vibration-oriented lane departure warning and (finally) a recognition program that responds to normal spoken requests for directions or music.

    FORBES: Introducing The 2013 Cadillac XTS

  • Mr. Williams says the program has benefited from the name recognition of Pepperdine's Shanghai program.

    WSJ: Chinese Flood U.S. Programs to Gain Edge

  • When the demonstrations started, Mr. Obama abdicated his moral authority by refusing to take sides, while pushing ahead with plans to negotiate a grand diplomatic bargain with Mr. Ahmadinejad that trades recognition for suspending the nuclear program.

    WSJ: The Peoples' Revolt in Iran

  • The audience is rapt as they listen to Denning, a former World Bank program director who received international recognition for his successful transformation of the old-school, decentralized, multi-cultural lending international agency in the 90s.

    FORBES: Revolutionizing The World Of Work: Day One

  • There is no matching gift program or other forms of recognition at Freudenberg-NOK as a rule, though the company does have programs for special corporate fundraising opportunities, such as disaster relief volunteer initiatives.

    FORBES: Letting Employees Call the Philanthropy Shots

  • The increase in funding for school lunch may be modest, yet it is also the first such increase in sixty years—a long-overdue recognition of the importance of the school lunch program in assuring the health of our children.

    WHITEHOUSE: Bringing Healthy, Affordable Food to Underserved Communities | The White House

  • They've suggested that they are willing to give their nuclear weapons program if they get political and diplomatic recognition from the United States, a normalize relationship, and some kind of economic help.

    NPR: Bush Conditionally Offers Talks to North Korea

  • When Xerox began the program, it was loathe to give any kind of employee recognition, internally or otherwise, to participants.

    FORBES: When CSR Spells Life or Death

  • Webb: We start with kindergartners, and we have a Kindergarten K-3 program that is linked to the FIRST, for the inspiration and recognition of science and technology.

    FORBES: Got Engineers, America? Have Your Kids Study Lego Bricks in School!

  • They bespeak a recognition of the danger posed by the brutally repressive, totalitarian and anti-constitutional program that is espoused by the authorities of Islam.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The 'end of the beginning' on Shariah?

  • Those who are not part of the incentive program find association with the FORBES brand pays off in other ways — recognition, freelance assignments, employment and more.

    FORBES: Inside Forbes: Where's the News Business Headed in 2013? Follow the Price of Pixels

  • What's ironic, though, about this offer is that it's essentially the same offer that the Clinton administration was negotiating with North Korea in 1999 and 2000, which was political recognition, diplomatic recognition, economic help for the North Koreans if they give up their nuclear weapons program.

    NPR: Bush Conditionally Offers Talks to North Korea

  • In Israel, a gleaning program where volunteers collect leftover or unwanted fruits and vegetables from farms was established in recognition of the fact that the country is a very small marketplace.

    FORBES: Meet The Man Who Wants To Feed The World On Waste

  • So for his Ignite NYC talk, he performed a series of experiments to find just what sorts of obscuring techniques can defeat a common facial recognition algorithm known as Eigenfaces, testing an off-the-shelf implementation of that algorithm in a program called Neurotechnology.

    FORBES: How To Hide Your Face From Big Brother? Try Sunglasses

  • Recognition of course can take many forms: It can be monetary, it can be a formal performance-related program, or it can be simple words of praise or encouragement from a manager.

    FORBES: In Praise Of Praise

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