• The recitation of facts is too basic for real scientists and too relentless for casual learners.

    FORBES: Go with the Floe

  • They must pay attention to his movements and recitation, and respond with appropriate replies and movements.


  • The recitation of those events, as heard by the court, has proved unrelievedly bleak.

    NEWYORKER: Double Lives

  • Arpaio walked back to the press-release meeting, interrupting a recitation of facts by the public-health specialist.

    NEWYORKER: Sheriff Joe

  • The performers must pay attention to his movements and recitation, and respond with appropriate replies and movements.

    UNESCO: Intangible Cultural Heritage

  • In making his case, the Fed chief provided a gloomy recitation of economic woes that have already occurred.

    NPR: Fed Helps Money Markets As Credit Stabilizes

  • In plush shopping malls, tight jeans vie with veils, just as on Kuwait's airwaves blaring pop clashes with Koranic recitation.

    ECONOMIST: Kuwait, America and Iraq: My best friend's war | The

  • Then he abandons that routine and goes into his more usual mode of loud recitation, which makes no pretense at singing.

    NEWYORKER: Plug and Play

  • But it felt very serious and a very serious recitation of his accomplishments, which I know he wants young people to hear.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Those expecting to be bored by the recitation of hard, dry facts will be disappointed by this tour, offered by Travel Bound.

    FORBES: Walking Through History: Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

  • The three day workshop started on the morning of July 27 with recitation from the Holy Quran and a brief welcome speech by the headmistress.

    UNESCO: Communication and Information

  • The children refused to speak, and in the end, all he could get out of them, even though he offered them money, was a recitation of the alphabet.

    NPR: Life in Iraq: A Reporter's View

  • Muhyiddin said the government gave serious attention to Quranic education, not only on tahfiz (memorisation) but also tafsir (interpretation), ulum (science of) and al-Qiraat (recitation) of the Quran.

    UNESCO: Malaysia: learn and benefit from Quran’s miracle

  • Revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad, The Koran, or Qur'an (recitation) is the sacred book of Islam, and is, with the Bible, the most widely read of sacred texts.

    UNESCO: The Freedom to read

  • In his dense recitation of data, there is hardly a mention of the demographic crisis facing China, which means that the country could well become old before it becomes rich.

    ECONOMIST: China's future

  • The recitation of facts shows just how much a determined scamster can get away with in the public markets, especially when the SEC only pursues a fraction of these cases.

    FORBES: SEC Wins Summary Judgment Against Biofuel Scammer

  • In fact, the first third of the book might as well be an annotated resume for Poizner, a recitation of facts with little or no real feeling, color or introspection.

    FORBES: Poizner's Poser Prose

  • This event is made up of highly complex rituals: the recitation of a version of the epic of Rama and various legends, and the performance of songs and masked dances.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • He left off his wistful recitation to study her.

    NEWYORKER: Or Else

  • Based solely on a numerical comparison with the enormity of the horror in Europe, the experience of Jews in Arab lands during the war barely deserves mention and the frequent recitation of statistics inevitably invites such judgment.

    NPR: Historian Robert Satloff

  • If you begin to read the 1700-plus pages of Judge Kessler's order, it's a wonderful recitation of the history of the tobacco industry and all the wrongdoing they've done for the last 50 years, probably as well written as I've seen anything.

    NPR: Negotiator of '98 Deal Weighs New Tobacco Ruling

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