• Again, although the programme can lead to considerable improvements in both phoneme discrimination and reading ability, the way that this comes about is unknown.

    ECONOMIST: The cat sat on the tam | The

  • To help neo-literate police officers test their reading ability with informative and relevant material, UNESCO publishes a monthly newspaper, Khedmat (which means "service" in the Pashto and Dari languages).


  • Research by Stanford scientists has shown that musical training improves how the brain processes spoken words, and could lead to improvement in reading ability for children with dyslexia and other problems.

    FORBES: Can Public School Music Programs Survive the Tea Party?

  • From the Title I elementary school, the data were even more telling: With five months' worth of books, the children of the title I school increase their reading ability on average of two levels!

    WHITEHOUSE: Not In My Backyard

  • The only thing missing on the browser to appease this frequent flier is the ability to save pages for offline reading, so I'll likely depend solely on movies and podcasts en route to Barcelona.

    ENGADGET: Back to BlackBerry: a power user's perspective Mobile

  • Other studies of gifted girls, she says, show that even though the girls had the ability, fewer than expected ended up reading maths and sciences at university.

    ECONOMIST: Education and sex

  • Changizi begins by laying out the reasons why reading is not an instinctual skill, but a learned ability.

    FORBES: How Language and Music Made Us Human

  • Doing Business is hardly casual reading, but it gets to the true essentials of a country's ability to grow.

    FORBES: Oil

  • The ability to focus on near objects decreases, which explains why many people need reading glasses as they get older.

    FORBES: How To Light A Kitchen For Older Eyes

  • But surely the ability to find something because a term appears in a book is not the same thing as reading the book.

    NEWYORKER: Google’s Moon Shot

  • Your Disney princess of choice even gets the ability to greet you by name, having known this bit of information beforehand from hidden sensors reading the MagicBand data.

    FORBES: 4 Benefits That MagicBands Bring To The Wonderful World Of Disney Parks

  • The emergence of new talent from the east has given German publishers—who have long despaired of the ability of scribblers in the western part of the country to write novels which people might enjoy reading—something to be cheerful about.

    ECONOMIST: Post-wall German fiction

  • Reading the literature, she realized that many patients suffered something called borderline personality disorder, in which people lack any ability to control everyday emotions.

    FORBES: The Woman Who Stops Patients From Killing Themselves

  • The following highlights of Chairman Spence's report should be considered to be required reading for his colleagues and their constituents prior to action on the question of whether further to abet China's ability to engage in ominous activities thanks to the additional wealth the PRC will accrue with PNTR and membership in the World Trade Organization.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

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