• But Lord Hall will also look to the BBC's future amid rapid technological change and growing competition.

    BBC: director general Tony Hall 'confident' about future

  • Underlying the steady growth of the multinational was the global push towards privatisation and rapid technological change.

    BBC: World investment falls by half

  • In a period of rapid technological change, greater experimentation allows new ideas to be tried out more swiftly.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • At a time of rapid technological change, workers might place a higher premium on keeping whatever job (at whatever pay) they have.

    ECONOMIST: The great American jobs machine

  • The radically different 21st-century model deserves a radically different style of its own, dramatically contemporary and flexible enough to accommodate rapid technological change.

    WSJ: New York Public Library | Undertaking Its Destruction | By Ada Louise Huxtable

  • Because of rapid technological change, they say, people must be prepared to change jobs frequently: therefore, pensions and health care should be portable.

    ECONOMIST: 2001: A Gore Odyssey

  • Economists attribute most of the stagnation in the wages of the low-skilled to rapid technological change, which has increased the demand for (and emoluments of) skilled workers and has made life harder for those without skills.

    ECONOMIST: Out of sight, out of mind

  • Both that argument and America's rules stopping local operators merging with long-distance operators look harder to justify given today's turmoil and the rapid pace of technological change.

    ECONOMIST: How much longer can things go on getting worse?

  • Taking account of the rapid pace of technological change in the area of media and communications, the expert group meeting tried to look to the future in an attempt to anticipate new challenges and trends.

    UNESCO: Communication and Information

  • Some participants brought up emerging problems of media ethics in the wake of the rapid technological development and continuous change in the profession of reporter.

    UNESCO: Communication and Information

  • None of this can be separated from rapid and all-encompassing technological change that is altering both our personal and institutional relationships.

    FORBES: What American Dream?

  • Undoubtedly as C21 moves into its second decade it is clear that human civilization is experiencing rapid change whether in technological abilities or in economic muscle.

    FORBES: America, Creative, Enterprising & Still Number 1!

  • Therefore, as enterprises are forced to transform in response to rapid social, technological and market change, so anticipating and competitively interpreting new opportunities and setting appropriate direction under conditions of complexity and uncertainty has become a key competitive skill — perhaps the key skill — leaders bring to their position.

    FORBES: Leading the Future, Then and Now

  • "The rate of technological change is very rapid, " he says.

    CNN: Flight of biofuel fancy?

  • Because the rate of technological change is so rapid, the intention is to give the new regulator more discretion and rely less on primary legislation—such as the 15% limit on any one television company's share of the audience and the equally arbitrary cross-media ownership rules—to choreograph the market.

    ECONOMIST: Regulating communications

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