• The Indian soldiers were air dropped by an army helicopter into a pine forest near the Pirpanchal range of mountains, police said.

    BBC: Militants killed in Kashmir

  • Before this, scientists believe, Antarctica looked more like Alaska or the Alps, consisting of a range of glacier-capped mountains.

    BBC: How Antarctica works

  • But it will also reduce the range of those already vulnerable, especially in the mountains of north Wales and Scotland.

    BBC: Wildlife will wander in warmer world

  • The aircraft collided in a remote portion of the Yuma Training Range Complex on the California side of the Chocolate Mountains very close to the Arizona border, Ms. Dooley said.

    WSJ: Seven Marines Die as Helicopters Collide

  • Innovations like hydraulic fracturing, known as "fracking, " have made it easier to extract oil and especially natural gas from energy-rich geological formations such as the Niobrara shale, which stretches from Wyoming to beneath the densely-populated Front Range of Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

    WSJ: As energy boom nears cities, a backlash grows

  • Part of the European E90 highway system that stretches from Istanbul to Italy (via a Greek ferry from Igoumenitsa), the road proved devilishly complex to build due to the mountains of the Pindos range in Epiros.

    BBC: Driving Greece's modern ancient highway, the Egnatia Odos

  • But my favorite cartographic error is the Mountains of Kong, a range that supposedly stretched like a belt from the west coast of Africa through half the continent.

    WSJ: Lost in Our Maps: A History of Cartographic Catastrophes

  • He finally visited Indian Ovens in March after getting permission from the 84-year-old woman who owns the site at the northern end of the Taconic Mountains, a range running along the New York-New England border from northwest Connecticut to southern Vermont.

    WSJ: NY teacher delves into mystery of 'Indian Ovens'

  • Despite their personal sturdiness and the immense range of their wanderings (they settled Europe and Asia from the Iberian Peninsula to the Altai Mountains of Siberia), the latest genetic studies indicate their total population never managed to reach six figures.

    WSJ: Neanderthals: Why Us and Not Them?

  • The Hills in Arrowtown, which recently hosted the Pro-Am Championship, is a spectacular spot surrounded by the barrenness of the Remarkables Mountains and the Crown Range peaks.

    BBC: Living in: golf areas

  • Tourists who visit the area must follow a narrow road through sage and cactus range that runs for miles toward a line of soft mountains in the east and south.

    NPR: Revisiting the Birth of the Bomb

  • Mountains in the countries are the remains of a range that traversed part of the supercontinent of Pangaea some 300 million years ago, before it broke up.

    BBC: On the West Highland Way

  • With no boundaries between park and hotel, guests can expect mountain sheep, coyotes, even the odd bear to range over the hotel's stunningly picturesque grounds at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

    FORBES: Rocky Mountain High, Canadian-Style

  • It is a journey that ascends through mountain pastures towards the barren heights of the range, peering deep into valleys and gorges and up to raw and rocky mountains.

    BBC: Spain��s mountains made of cheese

  • Mountains are at the same time social and political arenas with a wide range of management arrangements, including private property, traditional common property regions, national scale parks and reserves, and international treaties, all embedded within a rapidly changing global economic context that can create tensions between local mountain residents and distant users of mountain resources.

    UNESCO: Social and Human Sciences

  • But whereas the base in the Korangal was situated about halfway up a mountainside, in a former lumberyard, the one in Kamdesh would sit in a cup within the valley's deepest cleft, ringed by three steep mountains that formed part of the 500-mile-long Hindu Kush mountain range.

    CNN: Excerpt: 'The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor'

  • If the president cannot wield some clout in a conservative state within easy range of the White House, the Republicans have a problem that stretches much farther than the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    ECONOMIST: The Virginia governor's race

  • And sat atop the range like a rocky prong is the peak of Naranjo de Bulnes, its shape more akin to the mountains in the windy wilds of Patagonia than the northern coast of Spain.

    BBC: Spain��s mountains made of cheese

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