• I'll never forget seeing George Balanchine's "Prodigal Son" performed by Dance Theatre of Harlem for a mostly black audience.

    WSJ: Theatergoers: Can I Get an Amen? | Sightings by Terry Teachout

  • Dodd, in turn, keeps welcoming Freddie—part apostle, part prodigal son—back into the fold.

    NEWYORKER: Sail Away

  • And if Dan makes a real business out of these guitars, he might even shake off a reputation as a prodigal son.

    FORBES: His Own Beat

  • Directed by Tony Award-winner Jack O'Brien, Dead Accounts tells the story of a prodigal son who returns home to Cincinnati from New York City.

    BBC: Katie Holmes' play gets early Broadway exit

  • The set's most humane film is "The Return of the Prodigal Son" (1967), directed by Schorm, who died in 1988 on the day before his 57th birthday.

    WSJ: Pearls of the Czech New Wave | Before the Spring Was Gone | By David Mermelstein

  • Gingrich is also the prodigal son to conservatives, especially evangelicals.

    FORBES: Gingrich: Authentic Prodigal Son

  • Was I not the town's own humbled prodigal son?

    NPR: Chapter 1

  • Everywhere Nigeria was greeted as a prodigal son.

    ECONOMIST: Nigeria

  • For my money, when it comes to rock and roll, Jerry Lee is in an upper echelon triumvirate consisting of the father, the prodigal son, and the holy ghost—Elvis being the father and Little Richard the holy ghost.

    NPR: Marshall Chapman: 'Goodbye, Little Rock and Roller'

  • It was the election of Viktor Yanukovich as Ukraine's president in February that was seen in Moscow as paving the way for the return to the Russian fold of a prodigal son who went astray after the Orange revolution in 2004.

    ECONOMIST: Ukraine and Russia

  • The prodigal son Dodgers return.

    FORBES: Move the Dodgers Back to Brooklyn

  • But from the driver's seat of our minivan, I had the definite feeling that Amherst would never be my town again, that the town itself wouldn't stand for it, that they didn't need a prodigal son, that a prodigal son was exactly what they didn't need.

    NPR: Chapter 1

  • The setting is a cramped, chilly room off a desolate courtyard, sometime in the late nineteenth century, where a poor, elderly couple, Gebo (Michael Lonsdale) and Doroteia (Claudia Cardinale), are haunted by the eight-year absence of their prodigal son, whose wife, Sofia (Leonor Silveira), they have taken in.

    NEWYORKER: Gebo and the Shadow

  • In "We Own the Night" Joaquin Phoenix is the prodigal son -- a nightclub manager in New York City in the late '80s -- who returns home to the fold, eventually earning the respect of his father and his brother, both of them detectives in the NYPD.

    CNN: Review: 'We Own the Night' owns the screen

  • The moral motion of the film is fairly simple—the return, and redemption, of a prodigal son—but Gray steeps his tale in murky complication, and the staging of every scene, be it downbeat or frantic, is so assured that you barely notice the implausibilities. (Bobby and Joseph, for instance, hardly look like brothers.) The rain-drenched car chase, halfway through, is reason enough to see the film.

    NEWYORKER: We Own the Night

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