• David Greenlaw, AMD's director of process integration, calls Soitec's technology one of the most valuable patents of the 1990s.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • MathWorks suggests some ways to speed the process of model integration, including taking models directly into production rather than recoding them, and rationalizing the development and implementation process.

    FORBES: Financial Models Bog Down in Corporate Bureaucracy

  • And second, the Franco-German motor will continue to drive the process of European integration.

    ECONOMIST: It has struggled back to life, but to what end?

  • Germans see the euro crisis, and the process of European integration, differently from others.

    ECONOMIST: Germany and the euro

  • By putting the customer in the center of the integration process, the success rates of acquisitions could improve.

    FORBES: Why Mergers Kill Customer Value

  • Oracle has its Fusion strategy that places business process management and integration technology in the center of its collection of applications.

    FORBES: Is Salesforce.com Wrong to Love Ruby?

  • We now see how incomplete the process of national integration has been.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • Yet when I probe a little deeper, many of those managers grudgingly acknowledge that the integration process was a period of intense learning.

    FORBES: Take Advantage of Merger Integration -- Before it Takes Advantage of You

  • This is where cloud-based offers and services will definitely ease the integration process, by centralizing profiles, documents, data, information and knowledge in the cloud.

    FORBES: Where is Enterprise 2.0 going? Into the cloud!

  • To keep the European integration process going, it has to be more tightly connected to national communities and respect the jurisdiction of nation states.

    BBC: Referendum St

  • Central to Nepal's peace process is the integration into the national army or the rehabilitation to civilian life of more than 19, 000 former Maoist fighters.

    BBC: Growing fragility of Nepal's peace process

  • Your words were also very important, when you said that in the process of European integration you can see an opportunity to reenforce the world of Western values.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama’s Bilateral Meeting with President Komorowski of Poland | The White House

  • Different countries have different aims, and for perfectly good reasons, not the least of which is that their electorates feel differently about the whole process of European integration.

    ECONOMIST: The void in Europe

  • Once these factors have been worked through, the integration process begins with a rollout of human resource processes and they begin the process of transitioning the brand to the Vivo model.

    FORBES: The Good, The Bad and The Tragic: Stories of Acquisition for Growth

  • Even as the integration process is proceeding well, we expect temporary business impact from this large-scale merger but we are optimistic that the second half of 2013 will see more revenue growth momentum and cost synergies.

    FORBES: Youku Q4 Tops Ests, But Shrs Fall As Outlook Disappoints

  • In November 1990, the longest-serving member of her cabinet, Geoffrey Howe, resigned over her hostile position on a process of European integration, under which more national powers, on issues from banking regulation to working practices, were moving to Brussels.

    WSJ: Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Dies

  • The trouble is this requires tackling the issues that have proved most intractable over the three years of the peace process, notably the integration of Maoist fighters.

    ECONOMIST: Nepal

  • We also look forward to the closing of strategic transactions and to the integration of process improvements that will set the stage for continued long-term profitable growth across all our business units.

    ENGADGET: Verizon issues Q2 earnings, touts $15.8 billion service revenues in Wireless

  • Robinson should start negotiations that would subsume the Kampala talks, and the Obama administration should follow the U.N. lead in appointing a senior-level envoy to the peace process and ensure that regional economic integration and security issues are brought to the fore of the process.

    CNN: Congo's "Terminator" surrenders, what next for peace?

  • The specific objective of this initiative is to diversify literacy and post-literacy programmes in terms of intervention approach, teaching methods, educational aids, sustainability of learning outcomes and the integration of literacy into the process of sustainable development, the prevention of poverty, and the socio-economic integration of beneficiaries.

    UNESCO: Country Profile: Morocco

  • And as the Lib Dem MP John Pugh, who sat on that bill committee, pointed out, around 70 per cent of the amendments proposed by Labour during the committee process, on subjects like integration and collaboration, and then rejected, are now to be incorporated in the new improved version, by the Government.

    BBC: NHS reform rethink - a triumph for Parliament?

  • Announced Tuesday, the new version of the software incorporates a customizable news and stock ticker, tighter integration with AOL chat rooms, and a more secure registration process.

    CNN: AOL sends a new message with AIM 3.0

  • Instead, successful integration has happened with strong leadership, and, critically, a process that is broadly perceived to be fair.

    CNN: Will infantry men accept women as peers?

  • Through the roundtable discussion, we identified best practices and gained helpful insight into how the federal government can shine a spotlight on successful models of immigrant integration and a convener of the diverse stakeholders involved in this dynamic process.

    WHITEHOUSE: Champions of Change: Immigrant Integration

  • Issues to consider include ease of deployment, managing backup and data access, support, security, network complexity, device management, operating system diversity, total cost of ownership and integration of various tablet platforms at the application, mobile device management process and system level.

    FORBES: Written by Mitch Cline

  • The integration of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar must be a clear and deliberate process.


  • Rich management controls for securing and managing work profiles including hierarchical group management with Active Directory integration, support for customizable administrative roles with granular capabilities, an intuitive enterprise enrollment process for employees that offers a self-service console, and centralized control of assignable profiles for email, SCEP, Wi-Fi, VPN and proxy servers.

    ENGADGET: BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 now up for download (video)

  • The fall of the wall was a kind of year zero for Berlin and was followed by a wave of optimism, illustrated by the murals from that era at the East Side Gallery (the longest section of the Berlin wall still standing), but the integration of the relatively impoverished eastern section hasn't been easy and is an ongoing process.

    CNN: Berlin: City overview

  • Apple hasn't exactly kept its cards close to its chest in regards to iOS 6: Cupertino teased the software at WWDC, letting us in on the direct Facebook integration, the new Maps application, Passbook and "Do Not Disturb" in the process.

    ENGADGET: iOS 6 gets official debut on the iPhone 5: Maps, Passbook, iCloud Tabs and more

  • These planned measures are expected to include elimination of the company's matrix organizational structure, site consolidation, transfer of activities to global delivery centers, consolidation of certain central functions, cost synergies from the integration of Motorola's wireless assets, efficiencies in service operations, and company-wide process simplification.

    ENGADGET: Nokia Siemens to cut 17,000 jobs as part of global restructuring

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