• Helping to fund some of his reconstruction projects will be proceeds of the sale of Morgan Stanley's aircraft leasing business, which has 155 aircraft leased to some 75 customers.

    FORBES: Mack Refuses To Attack

  • Ms. Mayer's "review process may lead to a reevaluation of, or changes to, our current plans, including our restructuring plan, our share repurchase program, and our previously announced plans for returning to shareholders substantially all of the after tax cash proceeds" from the sale of Yahoo's stake in Alibaba.

    WSJ: Yahoo May Reverse Alibaba Cash Plans

  • But Iceland estimates that it will be able to cover 90% of the sum and maybe all of it with proceeds from the sale of the defunct Landsbanki's assets, and thus only a small fraction would come directly from the pocket of taxpayers.

    WSJ: Icelanders Reject Deal to Repay U.K., Netherlands

  • "We have always considered our money as family money, " says Jerry Bell, who anticipates repaying 85% of the loan from the proceeds of the home's recent sale.

    WSJ: Baby Boomers Counting On an Inheritance May Have to Support Parents Instead

  • The proceeds from BP's sale will help cover billions of dollars in costs from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

    BBC: BP to raise $1.1bn from North Sea field sale

  • Mr. Karp later used his share of the proceeds from Urbanbaby.com's sale in 2007 to start a Web consulting firm where Tumblr was initially a side project.

    WSJ: Can Tumblr Turn a Profit?

  • With passenger revenues stagnant, MTRC's bottom line depends a lot on proceeds from the sale of property atop its stations, which tend to bounce up and down.

    CNN: Hong Kong Packs the Train

  • An undisclosed amount of the proceeds from the sale went into Glencoe's pockets.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Bizos told local media the lawsuit is "a ploy to resuscitate the sale of Mandela's artworks" whose proceeds go to the companies at the center of the dispute.


  • For a start, the government has made no promise that the racing industry will continue to have a claim on the Tote's profits, or that it will be given a slice of the sale proceeds.

    ECONOMIST: The Tote

  • The problem has become so vexing that the Treasury Department issued a rare advisory last year that warned American banks about "a dramatic increase in the smuggling of bulk cash proceeds from the sale of narcotics" and the "potential misuse of relationships with U.S. financial institutions by certain Mexican financial institutions, including Mexican casas de cambio, " or currency exchange houses (see diagram).

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • If you happened to buy last year's stocks, a good move now would be to make a tax-loss sale of the laggards and use the proceeds to help pay for this year's crop.

    FORBES: Smart Money

  • Friends of the pair have also released a tribute CD with proceeds from the sale going to Mr Lloyd's nine-year-old daughter.

    BBC: Musicians mark Canterbury pond deaths anniversary

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