• To proceed against the oil company in the U.S., the plaintiffs must convince judges that due process was followed in Ecuador.

    FORBES: NY Appeals Court Lifts Injunction Against Chevron Ecuador Plaintiffs

  • The judge dismissed RICO claims against individual employees of the debt collection firms but allowed them to proceed against the companies.

    FORBES: Judge Allows RICO Suit Over Debt-Collection Tactics To Proceed

  • Last year the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Columbia allowed a suit of this sort to proceed against lawyers for Doctors Community Healthcare Corp.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Both the government and Padilla's attorneys have said they don't oppose his transfer to Justice Department custody so that the criminal case can proceed against him.

    CNN: Feds to high court: Allow Padilla move

  • In May 1997 the Supreme Court unanimously found that the Paula Jones sexual-harassment suit should proceed against Mr Clinton, rather than being postponed until he was out of office.

    ECONOMIST: Tom Jefferson��s helping hand

  • In 2009 the court allowed a lawsuit to proceed against Wyeth, a drug firm, for not putting a clear enough warning label on a drug, though its label had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

    ECONOMIST: Business and the law

  • That happened today when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a controversial class action employment case to proceed against Wal-Mart despite the bitter objections, not just of the 930, 000-employee retailer but five judges including Chief Justice Alex Kozinski.

    FORBES: Ninth Circuit Gives Wal-Mart A Big Headache

  • "I think that if Mr Hunter comes to the conclusion that the government and the security forces have evidence that they're not going to follow up and that they're not going to proceed against these bombers, then I think it would be Mr Hunter's duty to go ahead, " he said.

    BBC: Paisley defends naming 'terrorists'

  • No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled . nor will we proceed with force against him . except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land.

    BBC: Magazine

  • However, should the organization's research rule otherwise, the internet service provider may proceed with taking action against its account holder.


  • The IOC cannot proceed with a decision against Ms Thanou, without Ms Thanou being able to counter the evidence against her.

    BBC: Exchange of letters between Thanou and IOC

  • Some international law experts say India would be in breach of the convention if Indian officials proceed with the order against Mr. Mancini.

    WSJ: EU Warns India on Italian Ambassador's Immunity

  • Thomas Rosch, who in November had offered up a new, alternate theory on how the agency could proceed with a broad case against Google that found no support among the other four commissioners, in a dissent expressed worry that the FTC had set a bad precedent for future negotiations with other companies.

    WSJ: Behind Google's Antitrust Escape

  • Earlier this year the judge dismissed the charges against Coca-Cola Co. but allowed the suit against the bottlers to proceed.

    FORBES: The Red Empire

  • Undersoil heating - a requirement for SPL clubs - was likely to have ensured that pitches were playable and Inverness Caledonian Thistle, in particular, had been confident that their match against Dundee United would proceed.

    BBC: Winter weather hammers Scottish sports fixtures

  • At this point, it's unclear how the next government will choose to proceed in the case of treason charges against Musharraf.

    NPR: Pakistan Government Says It Won't Charge Musharraf

  • Chan said she would recommend that vaccine manufacturers proceed with mass production of an inoculation against the new swine flu strain as soon as they finish production of seasonal vaccine, which she estimated would be complete in about two weeks.

    CNN: Swine flu 'not stoppable,' World Health Organization says

  • According to Mayorkas and Garcetti, the case against Furrow in federal court will proceed first.

    CNN: graphic

  • On Friday, the president gave the order to proceed with what he described as a targeted operation against a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, about 40 miles outside the capital city of Islamabad.

    WSJ: How bin Laden Was Found and Killed

  • The National Court judge, Eloy Velasco, issued an order dated Monday and made public on Tuesday, directing Spanish officials to seek that information from the United States, before the judge determines whether to proceed or not with a potential case in Spain against the six former Bush officials.

    CNN: Judge consults U.S. officials over torture probe

  • However, the judge did dismiss claims that Comcast, DirecTV and the sports networks conspired to monopolize markets, while allowing similar claims against Major League Baseball and the NHL to proceed.

    FORBES: Lawsuit Against MLB And NHL Asks: Is It Anti-Competitive To Divide Live Game Broadcasts Into Exclusive Territories?

  • Third, I would briefly compare the facts against the constitutional requirements that an impeachment may proceed only for high crimes and misdemeanors and only on the basis of clear and convincing evidence.

    CNN: House Judiciary Committee hearing,

  • But the door to even more settlements opened wider yesterday when Judge Shira Scheindlin of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York allowed an IPO class-action complaint against 55 underwriters and 309 issuing companies to proceed to discovery.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Any fool could see, she explained in matter-of-fact tones, that it would be a mistake to proceed with medical treatment if the stars in heaven were aligned against me.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'The Healing Of America'

  • It said its decision was due in part to the "violent scenes" arising from an anti-parades protest against an August Apprentice Boys parade which was allowed to proceed onto the lower Ormeau Road.

    BBC: Marchers praised by Commission

  • When I was going through my trial(s) the government allowed the civil trial against me, brought by a number of banks, to proceed ahead of my criminal trial.

    FORBES: Judge Rakoff - Let's Get The Show Going

  • It was a moment of political theater on all sides, as many Republicans voted against proceeding with the nomination while admitting they would happily vote to proceed after a week.

    WSJ: Hagel Nomination Fails to Advance in Senate

  • Still, while plans proceed full-steam-ahead for "Catching Fire, " Mr. Friedman cautioned against looking too far into the future.

    WSJ: Login/Register to set your edition

  • The attempted murder charges against Botha had previously been withdrawn for additional investigation, but prosecutors decided last month to proceed, South African Police Service Commissioner Riah Phiyega said.

    CNN: Botha, former Pistorius detective, off police force

  • Campaign group Solway Plain Against Nuclear Dump (Spand) said it respected Unite's viewpoint but any decision to proceed was "not one to be taken lightly".

    BBC: Unite calls for more Cumbria radioactive store talks

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