• New universities now need a permit and are subject to a probationary period.

    ECONOMIST: Chile

  • The Department of Justice remains the sole arbiter as to whether those stipulations have been met during a probationary period.

    FORBES: Justice 'Deferred'

  • Then, after a probationary period that could be as long as eight years, they would be eligible for a green card.

    NPR: Senators and White House Agree on Immigration

  • We further recommend that interns be treated the same as any other employee in terms of probationary status and civil service protections.

    WHITEHOUSE: Testimony of Paul A. Denett

  • When a federal prisoner is released from prison, they are not allowed to socialize with other convicted felons while they are on a probationary period (usually 3-5 years).

    FORBES: The Banks' Herd Mentality On Foreclosures

  • Consider implementing three-month probationary periods with assessments every two weeks.

    FORBES: How to Employ New Graduates (Without Driving Yourself Crazy)

  • Even then, those here illegally would have to qualify for a "probationary legal status" that would allow them to live and work here — but not qualify for federal benefits — before being able to apply for permanent residency.

    NPR: Senators Reach Agreement On Immigration Reform

  • They wait years before declaring a major, date someone for years before getting married, favor stores with a guaranteed return policy (think Zappos), and hire employees on a temporary basis (or use probationary periods), all in order to avoid commitments that can be difficult, or nearly impossible, to un-do.

    FORBES: Why Keeping Your Options Open Is Really, Really Bad Idea

  • Thomsen cited Aguirre's "inability to work effectively with other staff and his unwillingness to operate within the Securities and Exchange Commission process" as the reason for his firing in September 2005, weeks after Aguirre was given a positive review, but days before his one-year probationary period at the agency was to expire.

    FORBES: Congress Takes On SEC

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