• The SEC must take action to prevent another Twitter crash and restore faith and confidence in the markets.

    FORBES: The "Twitter Crash" Is "Flash Crash" Redux

  • Such reforms may help to restore confidence and to prevent future mis-selling.

    ECONOMIST: The economy

  • This stimulation involves the burning of moxa (mugwort) or the insertion of needles into points on these channels, with the aim to restore the bodys balance and prevent and treat disease.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • Mr. Cuomo has said any deal wouldn't restore the lost funds but would prevent future forfeitures.

    WSJ: Deadline on Evaluations

  • Mr. Cuomo said that a deal now would not restore the lost funds, but would prevent future forfeitures.

    WSJ: Cuomo: State Might Impose Evaluations

  • When illegal activity is detected, such as the trading or selling of personal information online, Global ID Protector will notify the subscriber and provide instructions on how to prevent further exposure, fraud and take action to restore their identity.

    FORBES: Stratfor Offers Customers Identity Theft Protection After Hack

  • The world held its breath for weeks as TEPCO struggled to contain the radiation, restore electricity to the site, and repair cooling systems to prevent major core meltdowns.

    FORBES: The Future of Atomkraft

  • Over the past four years, the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership has blocked moorland drains with peat dams to try to restore important blanket bog habitats in the North Pennines, and prevent the erosion of the peat.

    BBC: Peat bog depths in Cumbria measured in CO2 survey

  • If the politicians want to restore a foundation to the financial system, and if the wealthy want to prevent vast sums from disappearing into air, the solution will be found more in the currency than it will be found on Wall Street.

    FORBES: Would a Gold Standard Have Kept Greg Smith at Goldman?

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