• In response to past pressure to conduct a probe, the CFTC has publically said it has been investigating possible manipulation in the silver market.

    FORBES: FOCUS: News Of Possible Probe Of London Fixings Raises Eyebrows In Gold Market

  • India last month named Justice Mukul Mudgal to probe the allegations following pressure from opposition parties who sought to equate a U.S.-mandated report of lobbying activities in Washington by the U.S. retailer with the bribery of Indian officials.

    WSJ: Wal-Mart Asia CEO Appears Before India Investigator

  • It suffered from short-circuits, faulty radio and power systems, an unreliable tape-recorder, a sticky camera platform, and the loss of much of the gas that supplied its stabilising thrusters a problem overcome by repositioning its solar panels and main antenna so that they acted as solar sails, stabilising the probe via the gentle pressure of sunlight.

    ECONOMIST: The long arm of the celestial repairman

  • The Indian government last month appointed Justice Mukul Mudgal to probe the allegations, following pressure from opposition parties who said the U.S.-based retailer's lobbying activities in Washington, as reported under U.S. law, indicated bribery of Indian officials.

    WSJ: Wal-Mart Asia Chief Appears for India Investigation

  • His involvement in Singaporean investigations comes after weeks of international pressure on the city-state to pursue the European probe's findings, which were announced this month.

    WSJ: Singapore Says Suspect Is Helping Soccer Probe

  • Pressure on the industry was building even before the latest probe.

    ECONOMIST: Student loans: Another subprime scandal | The

  • But, according to Dr Forward, the increased pressure would more than make up for that, by accelerating the probe to speeds as high as 1, 000km a second.

    ECONOMIST: Rockets are not the only way to travel through outer space

  • Similarly, the pressure exerted by sunlight, and the force exerted by the emissions from each probe's radio antenna, were dismissed: again, both are too weak, and they would tend to push the probes away from the sun, not towards it.

    ECONOMIST: A space oddity

  • With political pressure building after Mr Kay's remarks, Mr Bush reluctantly agreed to an independent probe into pre-war intelligence, though the commission will cover Libya, North Korea and Iran as well as Iraq, and will not report back until 2005 well after the presidential election.

    ECONOMIST: Bush on the back foot, Kerry on a roll | The

  • The Law Lords overturned an initial ruling that the SFO had acted unlawfully in dropping the probe, but opposition parties and anti-bribery campaigners said the SFO had been subject to substantial political pressure before acting.

    BBC: UK under fire over bribery laws

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