• Philip Rees, professor of population geography at Leeds University, says that during the last southern house-price bubble in the late 1980s, there was net immigration to the north.

    ECONOMIST: Migration: Why is Britain moving north? | The

  • Yes, trains connect major European cities, but that seems more an outgrowth of geography and population distribution than any ingenious government foresight.

    FORBES: A Policy Area In Which Europe Has The U.S. Beat, And It's Not Even Close

  • But while its geography and population limit its overall carbon footprint, the emirate is still remarkably inefficient at using natural resources, thanks largely to its desert climate and oil-fueled wealth.

    FORBES: Qatar: An Odd Place For Climate Talks?

  • Casual games played through portals and social games played through SNS sites will continue to broaden the gaming population across the spectrum of age, geography and income.

    FORBES: Asia Leads The Way In Global Online Gaming Trends

  • Las Vegas had a population of 70, 000 when I studied geography in the fifth grade.

    FORBES: Read Steve's Book

  • Cheap, widely distributed bandwidth and advanced networking technologies are divorcing an ever-growing segment of the population from traditionally "real" constraints like geography and socio-economic status.

    FORBES: Reshaping Reality

  • During the 1990s, a swath of geography no larger than 500 square kilometers and known for its big immigrant population and for its men who wear golf shirts to the office pulled in half of the world's venture capital.


  • The geography of the French court system has not changed in nearly half a century, despite huge population shifts.

    ECONOMIST: Race and politics in France

  • The Baltic states' geography, which sandwiches them between rich Scandinavia and unpredictable Russia, makes them matter more than their population of 7.4m warrants.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

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