• Ehrlich insisted that commodities would become more expensive: they were running out in the face of the population explosion.

    FORBES: But Why Did Julian Simon Win The Paul Ehrlich Bet?

  • Is the human population explosion a mere pretext for biological profiteering?

    FORBES: A Call to Agricultural Action

  • Moreover, the likelihood of a population explosion appears to be receding.

    ECONOMIST: A Survey of the 20th Century

  • G. was viewed as a catastrophe that, within ten years, was liable to cause a population explosion on Earth, which would exterminate life through hunger and disease.

    NEWYORKER: The Slows

  • The most formidable challenge that the Convention will have to face over the coming years are related to global phenomena such as population explosion, diminishing financial resources and climate change.


  • Among other things, this anticipated payday is fueled primarily by ever-increasing population growth and an unprecedented explosion in the size of the middle class.

    FORBES: Africa Becomes Attractive To Foreign Investors

  • But one as yet unstudied side-effect of this social trend appears to be an explosion in the cat population.

    ECONOMIST: Cats and dogs fight it out for prime pet position

  • Some ecologists suspect that the explosion of the lobster population in Maine may be due not only to the regulations, but also to the fact that the Gulf of Maine represents an ecosystem out of balance.

    ECONOMIST: Lobsters in Maine

  • Overall, Grob said, Qualcomm expects that the cellular networks will be able to handle the explosion of mobile data implied by a fast-growing population of users around the world, each downloading more and more data.

    FORBES: Connect

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