• But look farther ahead and a much bigger gap appears, as an ageing population needs ever more pensions and health care.

    ECONOMIST: America's budget deficit

  • Controlling federal spending depends primarily, in the long run, on taming entitlements—Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security—which are being driven by an ageing population and inflation in the cost of health care.

    ECONOMIST: Taxes, spending and the deficit

  • They worry, and rightly so, that America faces budgetary meltdown, as its ageing population places unbearable strains on pensions and health-care systems.

    ECONOMIST: America's stimulus plan: Stimulus and the Senate | The

  • The report mentions other long-term priorities such as ensuring transport links, improving island infrastructure such as the roads, harbours and broadband access and speed, security of energy supply and planning for increasing health and pension costs due to an ageing population.

    BBC: Peter Harwood

  • And with an ageing population, good health care becomes even more important.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | UK Politics | In full: George Osborne speech

  • We have an increasingly web-savvy ageing population who use the health service regularly and have a strong interest in seeing it improve.

    BBC: 'Silver surfers' should be listened to

  • But she said that issues such as an ageing population in Wales means that health bodies and local government must work more closely.

    BBC: Health care cuts in Wales could top £1.9bn

  • Mr Ryan's plan seeks to tackle the deficits produced by the growing health and pension costs of an ageing population, while limiting government spending as a share of the economy.

    ECONOMIST: The Republicans' economic plans: Ryan to the rescue? | The

  • These include immigration, an ageing population, widening health inequality, the growing demands for choice and personalisation in public services, energy security and global warming.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Yet everyone involved with them, including the prime minister and his deputy, failed to communicate why the NHS needs to change in a hurry to respond to the pressures of increasing health costs, rising expectations and an ageing population.

    ECONOMIST: Two years of the coalition

  • To improve housing to ensure good health, and meet the needs of an ageing population.

    BBC: Council housing

  • Like Medicare, Medicaid faces a future of rising drug prices and the soaring health-care costs of an ageing population.

    ECONOMIST: Medicaid

  • The ageing population and growth in chronic conditions, things like heart disease and dementia, means the health service has found itself having to manage patients rather than cure them.

    BBC: Where next for the NHS?

  • The Treasury calculates that, in 35 years, health alone will consume the states' entire revenues, thanks to a growing and ageing population, and soaring costs.

    ECONOMIST: The health-care debate Obama missed

  • Factors like the ageing population, rising price of drugs and lifestyle issues such as obesity means costs are outstripping the small rises the health service is getting in its budget.

    BBC: Analysis: Why the NHS wants to move on

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