• Porokara, on the edge of the "D", found Moisander free on the left to charge into the box, evade a challenge from James Collins and toe-poke home into the far corner.

    BBC: Finland 2-1 Wales

  • Whittaker, growing in confidence, then jinked into the penalty box to poke a shot into the side-netting and McFadden's curling effort flew narrowly wide.

    BBC: Scotland 2-0 Macedonia

  • Being naturally inquisitive and entrepreneurial, I began to poke and prod into what digital advertising could do.

    FORBES: Why--And How--I Became An Entrepreneur

  • Allegations by the Iraqis that his inspectors poke their noses into areas that have little to do with weapons of mass destruction trouble some members.

    ECONOMIST: Iraq and the United Nations

  • Meanwhile, Christie's announced that it had overtaken its rival in turnover for the first time in 40 years doubtless grateful that Peter Watson didn't poke his nose into its cupboard as well.

    ECONOMIST: Auction houses

  • In fact, however tainted it may be, R2P is certainly not to judge by a careful reading of its history a mere ploy by rich and powerful countries to poke their noses into the affairs of small nations.

    ECONOMIST: Responsibility to protect

  • Not only is there a built in controller and a touch-screen on the Vita, it also has a rear touchpad which allows players in Tearaway to poke their fingers up into the gameworld itself.

    FORBES: Your iPhone Can't Do This - 'Tearaway' Could Paper Over Sony's PS Vita Woes

  • Since actual hacking is illegal, the students can't just sneak into a webpage and poke around for learning's sake.

    WSJ: NYC students, hackers train for cybersecurity jobs

  • Somehow I instinctively poke my way back through the gray to the looping exit, and limp into the Holiday Inn parking lot.

    NEWYORKER: Indianapolis (Highway 74)

  • In September, 1991, when Assange was twenty, he hacked into the master terminal that Nortel, the Canadian telecom company, maintained in Melbourne, and began to poke around.

    NEWYORKER: No Secrets

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