• Like their counterparts in the West, many workers groan about having to plod on for longer.

    ECONOMIST: The consequences of an ageing population

  • Several big projects to reduce traffic congestion in Bangkok continue to plod ahead.

    ECONOMIST: How much should you bet on Thailand? | The

  • But something in the American project foils or escapes him, and the new work tends to plod where it should shiver and creep.

    NEWYORKER: The Ring Two

  • With something now worth fighting for, the fear of under-achieving because an inadequate leader had been allowed to plod lamely on was suddenly unbearable.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • In "Engine of Ruin, " leader Dylan Carlson and his crew plod through noir-Americana like outlaw jazz improvisers on their way to collect a bounty.

    NPR: Earth: The Sound of Desert-Swept Doom

  • Looking ahead, managers expect EBITDA to grow modestly in the fourth quarter and into 2013, assuming the U.S. economy continues to plod along, as most experts expect.

    FORBES: EBITDA growth slows in 3Q as global economy softens

  • But our technology arguments diverge from disagreements about music and religion in that we have numbers and statistics to fuel things along, allowing the arguments to plod forward seemingly forever.

    ENGADGET: This is the Modem World: Why we fight

  • This ability would allow a quantum computer to do the mathematical heavy-lifting required for, say, cracking secret codes, while even the fastest and most advanced supercomputers plod along on the same problem.

    FORBES: Atoms Offer Giant Leap In Computing Power

  • Now that I have fizzled out, I still enjoy putting on art that I like and introducing new artists to our visitors, so I hope it makes it worthwhile to plod on.

    FORBES: Smart Collecting

  • Loath to shutter money-losing businesses, managers plod on.

    FORBES: Beer And Bailouts

  • It may be necessary to partially shut down the government in order to secure the long-term fiscal well being of our country, rather than plod along the path of Greece, Italy and Spain.

    FORBES: Our Politics Has Become A Series Of Insane Stunts

  • For one reason or another, they would awaken one morning, pack up and, leaving nothing of themselves behind, plod up the next long hill toward the smoky horizon, their meager belongings on their backs, in search of some other inhospitable piece of African real estate that no one else would have, where no one else would live, where no one given a choice—including the boy—would choose to be born.

    NPR: One Boy's Heroism in the Face of AIDS

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