• Whenever possible and appropriate, speak directly with the person or persons involved or who is in a position to assist in the resolution.

    FORBES: Peggy Post on Workplace Etiquette

  • While important penalties are mandated by the Senate bill for persons involved in trafficking in technologies related to chemical, biological, and ballistic missile weapons, the sanctions would only apply to violations actually occurring after the legislation becomes law.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center for Security Policy | Will Congress Restore US Technology Security? Export Controls�� Imminent Moment Of Truth

  • Following the reports submitted by the Nanavati commission, the ninth and last inquiry into the anti-Sikh riots, the governing Congress party merely asked the state governments concerned to take action against the persons involved in the rioting, even though some of those named in the investigation were Congress leaders.

    BBC: More than 250 people were killed in the Mumbai bombings

  • These gatherings brought together participants, facilitators, local public authorities, religious leaders and staff from the Ministry of Education and AAEA to discuss, analyse and the track progress of the circles, as well as to identify flaws, gaps, provide ideas for further improvements and assess the benefits for the persons involved.

    UNESCO: Country Profile: Angola

  • In 2002, Germany approved the Codes of Conduct under International Law -- a statute that allows the German Federal Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute crimes constituting a violation of international human rights laws -- irrespective of the location of the defendant or plaintiff, the place where the crime was carried out, or the nationality of the persons involved.

    CNN: The insider's guide to putting world leaders on trial

  • And they stayed involved in the missing persons issues and they've stayed involved in human trafficking issues.

    NPR: The Missing Women Were Seemingly In Plain Sight

  • Persons whose careers have involved representing financial services firms or employment with such firms are the usual suspects.

    FORBES: Why the SEC Is In Danger of Becoming Irrelevant ( February 28, 2006 )

  • Thirty-six of those defendants have been convicted on a hate crime or a serious hate crime related charge, and five of these cases have involved the convictions of persons who physically attacked others due to their actual or perceived sexual orientation.

    WHITEHOUSE: Safety and Justice for All Americans

  • For getting on to forty years I have been involved with a group of persons who in the 1970s got labeled from the left neo-conservatives.

    NEWYORKER: Politics and Prose

  • The legislation also authorizes the U.S Government to offer rewards for information leading to the arrest or conviction of individuals involved in transnational organized crime, such as money laundering and trafficking in persons, arms, and illicit goods.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

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